R U Happy?

If you’re NOT happy you can make a choice right now to BE happy.

The truth is, you where born HAPPY! Okay, not true. Technically you where born crying. You’re such a baby. Anyway, happiness is your natural state of being-ness.

  • You don’t have to have all the answers today.
  • You don’t have to know exactly HOW it’s going to happen.

You just have to ALLOW yourself to feel good right now. WHY? Because how you feel is how you attract.

Feeling happy is a choice you can make right now. HOW? Change your focus, think happy thoughts and feel gratitude!

Once you activate your happy, Andy, you’ll stop feeling crappy and the answers will come to you. And the Universe will work out the how’s. YAY!

Your challenge for today, do the HAPPY dance, right now, do the HAPPY dance. This will activate your happy! Get up, shake your booty and sing out loud.

EXCITING NEWS for Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans and Louisville. Vibration Activation™ LIVE workshops.

If you really want to activate your HAPPY and stop the crappy. Please join me at my Vibration Activation™ workshop.

“I’ve been to a lot of workshops that talk about how to manifest & have a better life. But I have to say that this one was one of the most FUN!
People GOT IT! All of it is the same, really…but occasionally I find one that delivers it in a lighthearted way with great stories, examples, & activities that help people see they are not broken and how truly simple it is to have exactly the life you want.

It all starts with the decision to get off the “Bitch Train” and climb aboard the “Bliss Train!” Andy Dooley makes the choice fun, engaging, & TOTALLY worth the investment!”

–Leslie Stein

Please join me in one of these cities.

  • Atlanta – March 22nd
  • Nashville – March 23rd
  • New Orleans – April 26th
  • Louisville – April 27th

Click Here for Vibration Activation™ Live Workshop INFO!