Imagination is one of the most powerful tools you have to change any aspect of your life. Imagination is the beginning of all creation!

Years ago I owed the IRS, plus, I had over $15,000 in credit card debt. I know that’s a pretty low number compared to many people with $100,000 or more in debt. Regardless of how much. Being in debt sucks.

The point is I visualized myself being debt free and it worked.

I also worked my butt off. I cut all unnecessary spending and bought what was absolutely necessary. I had 2 roommates to help pay the mortgage. Plus, I never allowed myself to feel like a loser, I always focused on where I was going. I put all of my energy into speaking, writing, art, and learning new skills so I could become an author, speaker, coach and rock star.

Back then I wore many hats. I was doing logo design work, business cards, web sites, t-shirts, one man shows, improv comedy anything to make a buck. I also created my first workshop called, “The Ultimate Speaker.” I was teaching speakers how to add comedy, drama and story telling into their presentations.  Click here if you want to radically improve your speaking skills.

I was pursing my dreams and kept moving forward and almost everyday I would stop, sit down and visualize myself being debt free and being a full time coach, author and speaker with awesome products for sale that would improve people’s lives.
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Today I am living that dream. I’m receiving testimonials like this…

“Andy-You’re hilarious and amazing you have just really activated my journey. I can’t thank you enough for this workshop. This manifestation stuff really works. Time to go conquer the world!”
~Brittany A.
“Andy knows his material, presents his info in a concise manner, without the extraneous and confusing jargon, all in a humorous way.
~Peter V.

WOW! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! And I want you to LOVE your life as well.
Now it’s YOUR TURN!

  • STOP and visualize yourself living the end result. Feel it, smell it, taste it, be it.
  • Create a plan and take action today.
  • Get into the feeling of your success now and remember, it’s always, feeling first, manifestation second.

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Let your love flow and put on one hell of a show. Everything you need to live your dream is available to you as soon as you raise your vibration and feel the celebration!

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Go for it! Never stop believing in the magical universe to support and guide you. KNOW that you are the creator and it all starts with your imagination.

See you on the Bliss train,