When one door closes, another one opens.
Stay positive and ready to receive.

The Universe has something even better,
All you have to do is believe.

Everything always works out for you.
Celebrate the contrast and follow through.

Have you ever had a door of opportunity shut in your face?

There’s that old saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Butttttt, most people spend so much time focused on the door that closed….  they don’t see the door that has opened! Oops.

Getting upset and angry because of a missed opportunity would be like turning off the lights and trying to find your way out of a dark room.

If you get angry and upset YOU WILL stay stuck. If you hold onto regret, or keep playing the lost opportunity over and over in your head. No doors will open for you. Not good.

NOW you might ask… “WHY DID the door close to begin with?”

  • Because you have bad breath and bunions. NO!
  • Because your repaying karmic debt. NO!
  • Because there is something even BETTER for you!!! YES!

Remember the Universe has infinite organizing power and it can easily line up something even better for YOU!

REMEMBER… You are a Divine, Sublime, Cosmic, Conscious Creator! Everything always works out for you. Something even better is on the way to you. I love how the Universe works 🙂

  • The Universe will never ever stop bringing you new opportunities.
  • The Universe knows what you want and is sorting it out.
  • The Universe LOVES you, like, you LOVE chocolate. Even MORE.

Remember, the only reason you want anything is because of how you will believe it will make you FEEL.

Detach from your attachment to the THING! And focus on the feeling of your desire. Get so good at feeling it, before it shows up that you don’t care if it shows up. Then of course, it shows up.

Feeling First, Manifestation Second.

Start feeling it right now! Focus on fun and feeling grateful. Detach from the material and focus on the spiritual feeling of it.

If you need help feeling it, my workshop, or books, or audio programs can assist you into the feeling fast. CLICK HERE!

Next time a door closes, say, “THANK YOU”, and know something even better is on the way. Have a GREAT week 🙂

Activate Don’t Hesitate,