Love more, worry less,
That’s how you make progress.

Focus on what you can give,
That’s how you really live.

Love is who you are,
That’s how you shine like a star.

Don’t you LOVE 2 LOVE?

It’s really easy to do, after all you are LOVE. It’s not outside of you, it’s inside of you right now. I love it!

Are you ready for another challenge, heck yea!

I love your enthusiasm 🙂

Okay, starting today. Don’t wait to be LOVED. Start loving everybody and everything. Especially your life and your current situation.

Remember, “Your situation can’t get any better, until you feel better about you situation.” I love that quote from my book iManifest.

Today express your love, share your love and give your love.

There’s nobody that’s not worthy of your love.

Don’t wait for them to LOVE you first, that never works.

Be the LOVER that LOVES because you LOVE 2 LOVE. Simple.

Thanks for loving and sharing my blog, Andy