Surf the contrast in an ocean of bliss,
LOVE your life and you can not miss.

You’re being guided to your every desire,
Follow the FUN and you will acquire.

Here’s a FUN metaphor I think you will like.

Imagine… we are all surfers on the ocean of life. There is no land. It’s just you, the ocean and your surfboard. Sometimes the waves of life get big and rough and other times they are fun and easy.

When the ocean is semi-calm it’s easy to paddle around and get to where you want to go. But when the wind starts blowing it creates waves, waves of contrast. You can either surf the waves or get beat up by the waves.

The better you are at surfing the waves of contrast the more fun you can have on the ocean of life. But if you see all waves of contrast as problems than your life is going to be very hard.

Contrast is your best friend! If you are going to LIVE the LIFE of your DREAMS! Then you must be able to start looking at CONTRAST as your new best friend!

Contrast gives you clarity and clarity is power!!! From contrast new desires are born and that’s a good thing!

Using Vibration Activation™ will line you up with your new desires so you can receive them faster than before. Vibration Activation™ will teach you how to surf the waves of contrast as well as keep you riding the Bliss Train.

“I just finished your Vibration Activation™ series and I must say that your approach to what I have heard over the years is amazing! It just now changed my life.

I wish the English language could come up with stronger more heartfelt words of gratitude then simply, “Thank You” but mine come straight from the heart. You have no idea… well, no I really think you do know. So with a YEEHAW! and a WOOHOO!”
 ~Lynn Ciavarini

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Have a great week surfing the waves of contrast 🙂 Hang Ten.