I loved putting this video together! I used LIVE audio clips from my Vibration Activation™ workshops.

Did you know that if you hold a positive thought vibration for 68 seconds the manifestation process begins?

The question is…

Have you held your positive vibration for 68 seconds today?
If not, lets do it. 🙂

Watch this new video, to activate the changes you’d like to see in your life, click here now. U Rock!

Did you ever wonder why 68 seconds?

This video is from a LIVE workshop where I talk about the WHY behind the 68 seconds.

It’s also FUNNY! About half way into the video you hear me and a workshop participant playing, “THAT’S RIGHT!” She’s FUNNY!

Watch this video to activate the laughter 🙂

The Bliss train is calling your name, it’s time to activate your vibration and play the positive focus game.

THAT’S RIGHT! You can be who you want to be.
THAT’S RIGHT! You’re becoming your own best friend.
THAT’S RIGHT! You’re rocking good vibes.

THAT’S RIGHT! You’re attracting amazing people into your life.
THAT’S RIGHT! You’re moving forward with a smile.
THAT’S RIGHT! It’s feeling first, manifestation second.

THAT’S RIGHT! Everything always works out for YOU.
THAT’S RIGHT! You’re celebrating everything.
THAT’S RIGHT! You totally go this!

You are enough, you are ready to rock steady! Activate a new vibration of attraction and your life will transform. Have a GREAT week 🙂

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