“I sold my soul for $700”.

Okay, not really! But I did do a TV commercial for Subway and T-mobile back in the day!

DID YOU KNOW I used to be a professional actor? Yep, I booked about a dozen tv commercials and low budget student films. one commercial was with Tiger Woods. for Nintendo Wii. If you blinked your eyes you would have missed me.

But I did book 2 TV commercials where I was the STAR!!! An in the process learned a priceless lesson that I want to share with you in this video.

During that time I was struggling financially. I owed the IRS. Had credit card debt. Had to have 2 roommates to help pay my mortgage.

I felt lost and confused as to what was my purpose in life. I had many things I loved doing, but was not making much money. I was designing t-shirts, speaking at Toastmasters, 1 man shows at Orlando Fringe, Improv comedy, and teaching my Ultimate Speaker Workshop.

BUTTTT, which one is my path, my passion? help.

I was lost and confused. During this time I did have 2 big dreams. Watch the video to find out if those dreams came true and the priceless lesson I learned along the way!

Enjoy, Andy