Ignite your light, and celebrate 2014,
Don’t forget you’re a bonafide LOVE machine!

Beautiful and sublime is who you are,
Activate your awesome and shine like a star.

Let me ask you a question.

What happened?

I thought you had it in the bag. Slam dunk, home run.

Guess what? It happened to me too! I set some big intentions for 2014, some manifested and others did not.

We all get caught up in the illusion of time and space, we let REALITY dictate how we feel and what we focus on instead of being the master of creation.

We become the slave to our own negative thinking and beliefs! Yikes!

HAVE NO FEAR! Awesome Andy is here, with a SPECIAL video on how to make sure 2015 is epic awesome!

Watch the video now. High 5 and HUGS!