Deep down you already know the truth.

How did you react when you read that?

Go ahead and read it again. I’ll wait.

It’s amazing how you do already know the truth. Right!?

The truth about yourself.

Now which way did you go? Positive or negative?

Most people unfortunately think negative about themselves.

“The truth is all never find true love. I’ll never be successful. It’s not going to happen for me.”

STOP. CANCEL. CLEAR. Get that negative thinking out of here.

You want to know the TRUTH about yourself.

All your power is now. You’re not a prisoner of your past.
It doesn’t matter how many times you failed, got rejected and gave up on yourself. What does matter is realizing your past does not equal your future.

All your power to change your life is right F’ing NOW!

You have asked and it’s been given. It’s time for you to start livin’. You’re an important part of creation. There are no mistakes and you’re not the exception.

You ARE worthy of being happy and fulfilling your dreams!

You are loved whether you believe it or feel it. You came from love and you will return to love. <3

Life is an illusion, being projected through your consciousness. Deep down these are the truths that you and I both forget. That’s why I wrote this.

You’re not a human experiencing the Universe you are the Universe having a human experience.

All we have to do is BELIEVE in our human selves. BELIEVE in our worthiness, after all you are the Universe. A little effort in the direction of your dreams launches the whole Universe to conspire on your behalf. Amazing how it always works. 🙂

Years ago I set out on a journey to become an author, life coach and expert on the law of attraction. Deep down I had doubts and fears. But, I shifted my beliefs and kept taking action in the direction of my dreams. Now today I have spoken to over 10,000 people at my live workshops around the world. Written 3 books, recorded 2 audio programs and I have coached over 1,000 people into the best version of themselves. How? I believed that deep down I was worthy and I took daily action.

Always remember, all your power is now. Never forget you are the Universe having a human experience.

Today do something that will move you in a positive direction. Take inspired action and watch the Universe light up your path and guide you to the next opportunity. #truth #knowyourself #wakeup #allyourpowerisnow #stopcancelclear #andydooley