Vibration Activation is the art and science of activating a positive vibration within yourself that becomes your new point of attraction. My clients have attracted loving relationships. They’ve manifested large sums of money, new clients for their business, better jobs and lost weight! The results have been amazing. Most importantly my clients have come into alignment with their purpose and passion. Best of all, it’s FUN!

Vibration Activation™ was not something I wrote down on a napkin and said, “Hey that sounds catchy, I think I’ll use it!”

Far from it. It has been a life long journey of personal development, workshops, and seminars. It started 5 years ago after years of conducting hundreds of my own workshops around the world and coaching clients. I crystallized the process into 3 easy steps that anybody can use for ANY situation.

One night while writing down bullet points for my web site, I wrote down vibration activation. “Hey, that’s good! What if that’s what I call my next program or book?” Later that week I was at Mike’s house and asked his opinion and he said, “That’s it! You’re the Vibration Activation guy. You activate people’s vibrations using art, comedy, visualization and great content!” It felt right and Mike’s excitement confirmed it for me. The rest is history.

Vibration Activation™ It’s so good and powerful,
I dare you to give it a try.

Double dare you to come to one of my live workshops or listen for free to my Vibration Activation™ audio program. I know if you apply the Vibration Activation to your life, you will get results! It works because it’s based on the laws of the Universe and once you align your thoughts and actions to the law, everything starts to work out for you!

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PS – You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Money back guarantee. I’ll see you on the Bliss train 🙂