Activation JAM Session with Andy Dooley – Denver, Colorado!

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Registration is unavailable at this time.


DATE: No JAM Scheduled. JAMs will resume soon.

TIME: 7-9pm.   COST: $20

Double Tree by Hilton Denver-Stapleton North
4040 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80216

*Important. There are 2 Double Tree hotels on Quebec Street.

*FREE Parking!

Hello, Colorado. I’m Andy Dooley… Co-founder of TUT.COM and Creator of VibrationActivation™.

I love living in Colorado and I love my life!

Thanks for taking a moment to find out more about the next,“Activation Jam Session”.

It’s going to be EPIC AWESOME – and YOU need to be there.

If this is the first time you are meeting me, I can assure you
that these events will NOT. BE. BORING.

In fact, the Orlando Sentinel once said, “Andy Dooley is the perfect blend between Tony Robbins and Jim Carrey!”

Wow! Thank you Orlando Sentinel.

Each month – you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other members of your tribe – people who “get” you and are into making their lives better through practicing and mastering the Law of Attraction and learning about “spiritual stuff”.  You know, that stuff that other people might call you “crazy” or “WooWoo” for being into.

pssst – but you know and I know that you are not crazy – this stuff works – and I want you to come hang out with me for a couple of hours on a Friday night so you can make it work even better!

 Here’s some of what we’re going to do…

  • I’m going to do some stand-up spiritual comedy – this is some funny stuff!
  • Then we’ll work some proven processes for manifesting your desires – it’s really powerful to do this in a group!
  • Guided visualizations/meditations – a little Friday night bliss train!
  • And of course time for community – Who might you meet?

I guarantee you’ll…

  • Have fun and laugh out loud
  • Breakthrough some of your limiting beliefs
  • Gain confidence and clarity on your vision

Plus you’ll activate a new vibration of attraction and meet some really nice like-minded people, who like you, want to stop taking all this spiritual stuff so seriously and HAVE FUN!

Come out make some new friends and laugh your way to enlightenment. I’ll see you there 🙂


by Jaci Clark Photography
Vibration Activation Andy Dooley