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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.

3 Steps To Doing The Impossible

Have you ever said, “It’s impossible, I can’t do it?” NO. NO. NO! I’ve got 3 steps for you, Get ready to have breakthrough. In 4:35 minutes you'll be on your way, To an Epic Awesome Day!

How To Stop Procrastinating!

I will NOT procrastinate. I will NOT procrastinate. I will NOT procrastinate. Watch this video later! NO way. Watch this video now. Take action and you will manifest satisfaction.  

Instantly Release Your Resistance

It’s time to drop your resistance. And activate your passion and persistence. It’s preventing you from having all you desire. Drop the resistance, and you will fly higher. This audio is from my Vibration Activation™ CD number 8, track 13. Hundred's of people have found relief by listening to this audio track. ENJOY. ANdy

I Love To Fail Visualization

Do you LOVE to fail? In just 2:40 minutes you'll transform failure into power. This new video will instantly UPLIFT and empower. For all my videos I do the editing and voice over, using iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Garage Band. This video is will INSPIRE you into action and kick failures ass. Let's do

Love, Courage, & Gratitude Visualization.

How's your vibration of attraction? In just 4:34 minutes you will feel LOVE, COURAGE and GRATITUDE. This new video will instantly shift your attitude. SUPER charge your day now, and get ready to ALLOW. This is even better than the last video. But I like the music score more the THE AWAKENING VIDEO. Enjoy, ANdy

The Awakening Visualization

Today’s video will blow your mind, Open your eyes, don’t be blind. Activate your connection with Source, Feel the power and love Force. I LOVE this new style of video I have been creating. This one already has over 1,700 views. The feedback from my subscribers is awesome! Check out this testimonial/comment. MetKass "Before I

Free Your Mind From Negative Thinking!

Would you like to free your mind from negativity? The answer is YES, 100%, absolutely. In 3:54 minutes you can free yourself from negative thinking. Very practical and powerful solution. Thanks for watching. U Rock, Andy

You’re Not Going 2 Miss It!

Your BIG opportunity is on the way, Time to get on the Bliss train and play! You're not going to miss it, No, No, NO. You will see everything is going to flow. Today's video (click image above) is 2:27 minutes of pure epic awesome just for you. RELAX! Your BIG opportunity is going to

Addictions, Divorce and Kittens. What?

Got an addiction, that hurts your brain? Are you ready to get on the Bliss train? It will take commitment, desire and belief, But, I am confident you will find relief. Today's video is very funny and true! It's 5 minutes of pure epic awesome just for you. I’m curious what are you addicted too?

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

New inspirational GoPro video from 12,302 feet, Get ready, to feel your heart beat. It’s time to expand your comfort zone, Surrounded by angels, you are not alone. Today's video (click image above) is very inspirational! It's 5 minutes of pure epic awesome. Click here now. When was the last time you stepped out of

3 Ninja Technique For Dealing With Negative People

Don't let negative people steal your happy, There's no reason for you to feel crappy. You can have your dream come true, Even if they're negative and don't agree with you. Every dream you can dream is oh so real, Remember, how you attract, is how you feel.   Do you live with or work

OMG! Oprah Called!

From sunrise to sunset, You are the master don’t forget. Never let the illusion of a harsh reality bother you, Visualize and bid your troubles adieu. Feel the fire of your desire, And very soon you will acquire. Have you visualized today? Inside of you right now is the power to transform your life. How?

Finding Your Path 2 Passion and Purpose.

You’re being guided the Universe knows. Trust the PATH and watch how everything flows. Your passion and purpose is under your nose, Always believe in yourself, is what I propose. Today's video is only 3:53 minutes. Yippee. Have you found your PATH? Are you still searching? ugh. Watch this video now. Don't miss the priceless

How To Fast Track Your Desires?

Ever feel like you should be further along? Why, oh why is it taking so long? Ready to FAST TRACK your desire? Enjoy the “meantime” and you will acquire. Today's video is only 3:43 minutes. One thing I know for sure is that everyone feels like, they should be further along! Can you relate? By

Got Relationship PAIN?

Don’t look to others to make you happy, That’s a sure fire way to manifest crappy. Believe in your ability to activate, Embrace your LOVE and drop the hate. Have you wired your brain for pain? Most people have done exactly that! Especially in relationships. OUCH! YUK-E-POO! We all know that things outside of us