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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.

Ignite Your Light! Activte Your Awesome!

Ignite your light, and celebrate 2014, Don't forget you’re a bonafide LOVE machine! Beautiful and sublime is who you are, Activate your awesome and shine like a star. Let me ask you a question. What happened? I thought you had it in the bag. Slam dunk, home run. Guess what? It happened to me too!

3 Ways To Enjoy the Holidays!

Oh no, it's the end of the year, The holiday cheer can create lots of FEAR. Ho, Ho, Ho, that's not how you're going to flow, It's time to activate your positive mojo. The In-Laws are knocking, are you ready? Today's video gives you 3 powerful techniques to handle the "Bah-Humbug" In-Laws, relatives and fruit

3 Question 2 Manifest Like God!

Are you ready to manifest like God? Ask these 3 questions and you won’t be a fraud. Dial in your focus and activate the vision, This is how to manifest with precision. Are you ready to manifest like God? If your answer is YES, then today's video will help you get the Led out, as

Life Is Not About Manifesting

Life is not a test or a classroom, It’s an opportunity to focus and feel the boom. To express and share, dance and love, Good vibrations is what you’re made of. Life becomes an effortless joy ride, When you look within yourself not outside. After I posted this video, I wish I would have also

Have you ever been hit by a smooth criminal?

There’s a monster inside your head, He wants to know HOW you’re going to get ahead. Like a smooth criminal in the dark, He eats your dreams like a shark. The Horrible HOW monster is at large, It’s time for you to take charge! WOW! I really had fun making this video. I love Michael

The Truth About Happiness!

The Universe will show you the way, Get happy and start to play. Activate pictures of possibilities in your mind, Then joy, love and happiness is what you will find! I LOVE making videos with Jean Pierre! I am learning and discovering so much more about myself and this character! Have you ever gotten caught

Don’t Make This Deadly Mistake!

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Then watch this video and get a swift kick in the butt! Most people walk the spiritual journey alone, lacking confidence and not follow through with their dreams, feeling stuck, frustrated and like a big fake. Maybe you can relate? I want to invite you to check

Letting Go of What’s Not Working

"I sold my soul for $700". Okay, not really! But I did do a TV commercial for Subway and T-mobile back in the day! DID YOU KNOW I used to be a professional actor? Yep, I booked about a dozen tv commercials and low budget student films. one commercial was with Tiger Woods. for Nintendo

Change Your Life in 68 Seconds

I loved putting this video together! I used LIVE audio clips from my Vibration Activation™ workshops. Did you know that if you hold a positive thought vibration for 68 seconds the manifestation process begins? The question is… Have you held your positive vibration for 68 seconds today? If not, lets do it. :-) Watch this

Free Your Mind from Limitations Video.

I had so much fun editing this video together. First, I downloaded slow motion video clips from Second, I put them together using iMovie. Third, I added the music. brusspup. Dark Wave. I then synch upped the music with the video clips. Then, I watched the video about 5 or 6 times and

From Negative to Positive!

Your situation can't get any better, Until you FEEL better about your situation. Change your focus and ask 1 question, This will activate a new vibration, sweet sensation. Feel the cosmic energy revelation, This 1 question can be your salvation. Today, I am going to teach you how to do a 360 on that negative

How 2 Get Rid of Negative Energy!

Make your happiness priority number 1. Say bye bye negativity and hello to fun. Who cares what negative people think and say, Don’t let your creative power slip away. Stay focused on your jam, that’s your deal, You’re not responsible for how other people feel. Would you like to have immunity to negative people? Let

How 2 Detach From Your Desires

You must learn to detach from your desire, Then focus on the feeling and you will acquire. But, if you need it, from a place of desperation, Then you will manifest more frustration. Would you like to master the art of detachment? Let me ask you a question. Are your big dreams and desires taking

Debunking Your Subconscious Mind

Drop your bogus story and excuses. It’s not your subconscious mind or wild deuces. If you want to unlock your true potential, Activating a new vibration is essential Have you ever blamed your subconscious mind? It's the perfect excuse for not doing better, right? I know I used to blame my subconscious mind. Then I


Surf the contrast in an ocean of bliss, LOVE your life and you can not miss. You're being guided to your every desire, Follow the FUN and you will acquire. Here’s a FUN metaphor I think you will like. Imagine… we are all surfers on the ocean of life. There is no land. It’s just