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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.


Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, And believe the one reason why it will work. Enjoy the journey and watch it unfold, One reason to believe is solid gold. Here are 7 reasons why it will work. 1. You have a big heart and you’re smarter than you think. 2. If you can

Love More, Worry Less.

Love more, worry less, That’s how you make progress. Focus on what you can give, That's how you really live. Love is who you are, That's how you shine like a star. Don't you LOVE 2 LOVE? It's really easy to do, after all you are LOVE. It's not outside of you, it's inside of

How To Open Doors

When one door closes, another one opens. Stay positive and ready to receive. The Universe has something even better, All you have to do is believe. Everything always works out for you. Celebrate the contrast and follow through. Have you ever had a door of opportunity shut in your face? There's that old saying, "When

Visualize it!

I want to challenge you. Are you up for it? Right now close your eyes for 68 seconds and visualize something you want to manifest. Wait, finish reading the challenge. Visualize yourself in the picture celebrating the end result. FEEL the gratitude and appreciation of your desire already in your life, smile really big and

Please Don’t Make This Manifesting Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I see most people making is they're trying to HARD to make it happen. Instead of getting into the FEELING of what they want and allowing it to happen. See if this is true for you. YOU are not feeling AS IF your desire is already in your life. You're

How 2 Create The Life You Want

This video has Johnny Aloha, Jean Pierre and me. Plus, James Brown's classic song, "I FEEL GOOD!" I think it's pretty powerful when all 3 of us are delivering the message. More fun and interesting for the viewer. You never know what's going to happen next! Please share this video with a friend or on

3 Steps To Uncovering Your PASSION.

ALoha! Shooting this video was so much fun! It's the first time Johnny Aloha did a Fortune Cookie Friday video. He rocked it big time! What do you think? Please watch and if you feel inspired please share it on Facebook and twitter. Thanks, Andy

Are You A BAD Visualizer?

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO! It's a goodie :-) If you want more information about how to visualize your dreams please check out my audio program that goes in-depth into the art of visualization and manifestation. Click here to learn how to become a master visualizer!

“I Gotta Have More Cowbell!”

My World Tour 2014 is going GREAT! I seriously hope you join me at one of my LIVE workshops. There's no better way to activate your vibration and vision for your life! This weekend. New Orleans and Louisville. April 26th, 27th. Next Weekend. Philadelphia, PA. May 3rd. Washington DC. May 4th. Click here 4 more

Can you imagine yourself debt free?

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools you have to change any aspect of your life. Imagination is the beginning of all creation! Years ago I owed the IRS, plus, I had over $15,000 in credit card debt. I know that's a pretty low number compared to many people with $100,000 or more in

Be HapPy NoW!

R U Happy? If you're NOT happy you can make a choice right now to BE happy. The truth is, you where born HAPPY! Okay, not true. Technically you where born crying. You're such a baby. Anyway, happiness is your natural state of being-ness. You don't have to have all the answers today. You don't

Vibration Activation™ workshop video

HELLO Enlightened friend, In this video I explain the benefits of attending my workshop :-) My workshop comes with a money back guarantee and it totally ROCKS! At least that's what I am told :-) YAY. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. CLICK HERE to save your seat. See you there, ANdy PS - CLICK HERE

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