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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.

LONDON – Infinite Possibilites Train The Trainer.

London was absolutely smashing! The attendees loved the conference and where raving about how authentic it was. Some admitted they thought it was going to be bullocks. There was about 10 of us IP trainers/speakers/helpers. It was a blast. We all wore many hats at the conference. I love seeing the transformation the attendees go

The BEST is yet to come!

It's TRUE. You can feel it, if you try. It's something you can not deny! No matter how bad or good it is right now! The best ideas, opportunities, friends, food, sex and laughter is on the way. HOW? Because the Universe is always expanding and everything you have ever asked for is waiting for

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Some new art I created using Photoshop with my Wacom tablet!So much fun to get into the creative flow! Ya know :-)

Stop Cheating

Look what I created!! I used Adobe illustrator and Photoshop! I posted it on Facebook and it's getting lots of LIKES. I love it when that happens:-) Do you like it? Leave a comment down below! If you want to see my gallery of NEW art prints click here! Let go of your painful past,

Manifesting MASTERY

So tonight I am kicking off my NEW Vibration Activation™ Manifesting Mastery 8 week online program! Last night 20 minutes into the call the connection was dropped. I continued to talk for another 25 minutes, not realizing I was talking to NOBODY!!! LOL. People where emailing me, but I was not checking my emails. It's

Watch this video 4 Enlightenment! “THAT’S RIGHT!”

This is a new video format for me. I loved creating it and trying something new. I am really loving that I have a green screen video room in my house and I can shoot a video anytime I want. It's my shortest video ever! I definitely want to make more short videos:-) Let me

SMILE – See Magic In Life Everywhere!

I love that everyone has a SMILE and everyone looks great when they wear their smile! What makes you smile? Below is my newest creation of art! I hope it makes you SMILE. Enjoy, Andy