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About Andy Dooley

I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.

Machu Picchu – TUT Adventure!

Last year I went to Machu Picchu for my second time! It was even better then the first time!Make a plan and GO! TUT will be going again soon! For details and other amazing adventures around the world with amazing people! Click here!

Move Forward

Hello my friend,Here's some new art.I think it’s time for you to receive an award, You don’t have to figure it all out 2 move forward. It’s time to cut through the BS with your sword, Then doors will open and you’ll be floored!

Everything Always Works Out For Me!

Don't you just love knowing that EVERYTHING does always work out for YOU! Think about it! Your life is amazing and it's only getting better.Life is a dance of possibility,Feeling my courage and capability,I can BE who I want 2 be.Everything always works out for me!

Why meditation is so important!

Because everyday you are bombarded by negativity! Everyday you see and hear things that are negative. Plus, you think plenty of negative thoughts of your own. True or false? All of this negative focus and thinking has a major effect on your ability to create and live the life of your dreams. It’s creating resistance!

Lost your Faith? Need a Laugh?

At last! Here it is, my chocolate story from the Train the Trainer event in Seattle, Washington. [youtube=]

Happiness… it’s in your head dude!

Are you HAPPY! It's all in your head dude! Watch this video and I bet it makes you HAPPY! [youtube=] Click here for more info about the Happiness Summit! Blissfully yours, Andy

Killer new art

I am getting ready for my Vibration Activation™ World Tour. I just created some killer new art! Below are 3 new prints I'll be taking to Malaysia and Australia. I super excited about speaking at MindValley and seeing my friends in Australia. Click here for tour dates!  

Awesome READ THIS!

It was one of the best weekends of my life!!!! 200 amazing divine, sublime, cosmic, creators gathered for the Infinite Possibilities - Train the Trainer conference! Words really can't describe the event, the energy, the LOVE! See the video and pics. Friendships where formed, confidence and clarity was found. Insights and secrets where shared and

Changing the world one person at a time!

It's life changing! It's totally titanium! What is IT? It's TUT's Train the Trainer weekend!!! Next weekend 175 people, maybe more, will gather in Seattle, WA. By the end of the weekend they'll be ready to reach out into their community and share the power that we all inherently posses. That power is the ability

Do you LOVE your life?

Monday is New Year’s Eve!!!! You know what that means??? People all over the world will commit to exercising, dieting, starting a new career or business. They will commit to making 2013 AWESOME! You know what will happen for most of them? Nothing!!! WHY? Why do so many people FAIL, who have the best intentions?

2012 – Now it’s YOUR turn!

[youtube=] I made a NEW video for YOU! "2012 - Now it's YOUR turn!" Fortune Cookie Tuesday! Delivered to you on Wednesday? It's the Mayans fault! Enjoy, Andy PS - Here's the link to join my Vibration Activation™ Club