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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian.

NEW! Vibration Activation™ bracelets!

Energize Your Mind & Body! If you have seen any of my videos you know I am always wearing bright colorful bracelets. Now you can energize your body with these fun bracelets. There's 2 different powerful messages written on them. In the colors pink, blue and clear it says, Feeling First, Manifestation Second! On the

Johnny Aloha in ROME!

I had no idea what I was going to say or do once I got into the Coliseum of Rome! I did a couple of different takes as Johnny Aloha and then edited it together! I made a few other videos while in Italy, you can check them out on my YouTube channel AndyDooleyTV.

Stop TRYING!!!

[youtube=] I had no idea how this video was going to come together! I shot most of it on Wednesday, edited it together that night. Then Thursday I added bites and pieces and edited together the final version you see here:-)))) Johnny Aloha cracks me up! "I Vortexed myself!" Surfing from California to Thailand! LOL!

How 2 Change Your Life:-)))

[youtube=] Shooting this videos was sooooo much fun! I had no idea what song I was going to use for this Fortune Cookie. I read the cookie and started shooting the video. Then I turned on my ipod and said, "Whatever song comes on, that's the song I will use!" Ka-Boom! There was Sheryl Crow

Arizona Vibration Activation™ workshop

Arizona was HOT and fun! Thanks to everyone who came out for Vibration Activation™ workshop! I am always blown away when I meet people who tell me this is the BEST spiritual, metaphysical workshop they have ever attended, and they tell me they have been to dozens. WOW!!! Thank YOU:-))))) I'm not bragging,


I love LOVE!!! Love is who I am, LOVE is who you ARE!!!!This past weekend was totally titanium! THANKS ARIZONA!

Appreciation is the KEY!

Would you like your life to be easier? Would you like to experience heaven on earth? Appreciation is the magic KEY it will set your heart and dreams FREE! Instead we overlook this powerful emotional state and take action in a world made up of vibration to make things happen. STOP IT! Look around you

Manifesting is not hard:-)

Manifesting is as easy as breathing! We put too much focus on manifesting our dreams, trying to hard and this causes resistance! Life is not about manifesting, it's about flowing creative energy! Its about focusing on what you want, flowing creative energy and having FUN! The day you LET GO of having to manifest something

Catching UP with my bloggy blog!

WOW! I really do LOVE my life! I have been traveling and recording my NEW audio program Vibration Activation! Below are the 3 latest videos that I was too busy to post. NO EXCUSES DOOLEY! LOL!  Below are my Fortune Cookie Friday videos! [youtube=] This one was shot in Santa Cruz, California. [youtube=] This one

Killer Insight and your 6th Sense!

I really do LOVE making these videos! They make me really HIGH, naturally high! I can't wait to shoot next weeks video:-) I never what's going to happen and I love watching it all come together! THANKS for watching and subscribing! [youtube=]

New video! Fortune Cookie Friday!

Hello my enlightened friend, I am really excited to share with you my newest video concept! Fortune Cookie Friday! Every Friday I will be reading a random fortune cookie and delivering a funny and enlightening message to you! Below is my first Fortune Cookie Friday video! [youtube=] Let me know what you think, leave a

San Francisco/ Sacramento workshop!

U can B what U Want 2 B, Relax, and drink some green tea. Lets hang out, Andy, you and me, Vibration Activation™ will set your dreams FREE! CALIFORNIA PREPARES FOR VIBRATION ACTIVATION™! "This workshop is one of the BEST I have ever attended and I am a spiritual workshop fanatic! I've finally found the

Be bold, be brilliant, be bodacious!

Reach for the sky you have wings to fly! Go for your dream, be a little bolder, Never forget, you have Angels on your shoulder! I remember reading years ago, "If you knew who walked beside you at all times on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again."

Joy and Prosperity

There are no rewards or bonus points for worrying! Your life is created by the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold! Now is the time to take control. It’s easier then you think! Stand up and say, “I AM THE CREATOR!” Then do the prosperity dance of abundance and joy! WOW! You are