Do you LOVE your life?
Shockingly most people don’t! WHY?

Because they’re living someone else’s life, playing by someone else’s rules. If you’re ready to take back control of your life keep reading.

All your power is NOW. When you work on yourself from the inside out, and play by the laws of the Universe, everything on the outside changes effortlessly.

Vibration Activation is the art and science of activating a positive vibration within yourself that becomes your new point of attraction. My clients have attracted loving relationships. They’ve manifested large sums of money, new clients for their business, better jobs and lost weight! The results have been amazing. Most importantly my clients have come into alignment with their purpose and passion. Best of all, it’s FUN!


I love my life!

Coaching with me is an opportunity to discover the real you, getting rid of your limiting beliefs and bogus story. It’s an invitation to define what your life is going to be about, discovering your unique gifts that you bring to the world.

I will personally walk you through my Vibration Activation process and guided visualizations where you will learn the fun way to create and tell your new story which will create new results.

Lets cut to the chase. I am not going to spend anytime focusing on stuff outside of you. I believe that everything that’s happening outside of you is a direct result of what’s going on inside of you. That means we don’t have to spend anytime trying to figure out how to get your spouse, kids or co-workers to behave differently so you can feel better. It’s not about your job, your weight, or your mother. It’s about your vibration.

Combine the power of coaching, accountability and inspiration to raise your vibration by choosing one of two newly customized coaching programs.

Join the Vibe Tribe Masters 2018

VibeTRIBE_MastersThis is a small group of like-minded individuals (12 or less) and we do weekly one-hour calls. This is an affordable and fun way to get community support, laser coaching with Andy and access to practicing the Vibration Activation process regularly.

If you’re ready to take the mystery out of manifesting and transform your health, wealth and happiness, keep reading!


8 weeks of weekly calls and support, keeping you focused and positive!

Weekly at 5pm PST. 6pm MST. 7pm CST. 8pm EST. All calls are LIVE and recorded.

This is for you if…

  • You want to start loving your life
  • You want to be held accountable for following through
  • You’re waiting for the Universe to give you a sign
  • You have read all the spiritual books, but it’s still not working for you
  • You love everything law of attraction, but for you it’s the law of NO satisfaction
  • You find yourself over thinking everything, and then do nothing
  • You get frustrated and overwhelmed easily and shut down
  • You know what to do, but are not doing what you know

What is Vibe Tribe Masters It’s 8 weeks of group coaching. It’s weekly coaching calls with me. I wanted to create a program that was affordable, and brought together a small group (12 people maximum) to practice Vibration Activation™ regularly. So YOU can transform your money, health and relationships! Think of it as a Law of Attraction master mind group that rocks!

What are the benefits? With me as your coach and your new Vibration Activation™ friends supporting you, you’ll begin to deliberately and joyfully create the life you want to live. This new program allows you to experience personal laser coaching with me, shatter your limiting beliefs, shift your point of attraction and learn the essential skills necessary to transform your life. Plus, you’ll practice the Vibration Activation™ process in a small group setting every week. (Funny stories, jokes and teasing are all exclusive bonuses!)

What to expect? Each week you’ll get yourself plugged into Source energy! You’ll renew your passion for living and giving! Develop unshakable confidence knowing things are going to work out for you. Fall in love with yourself and attract your desires with less effort. Start living your life as an exciting adventure!!!

How does it work? Every week we’ll meet on the phone using Maestro technology via teleconference. You don’t have to buy or order anything special for your phone! Maestro allows us to interact as one group as well as break up into partners or triads to do exercises. Its like being able to break up into small groups to work and then come back together again.

In these interactive and lively weekly calls, you will have small group check-ins and partnered discussions, personal “contrast” laser coaching, dive deeper into understanding and implementing the laws of attraction and experience all the Vibration Activation™ tools and techniques. In between our weekly calls, you can interact and support fellow Club members in our private Facebook group and practice “That’s Right”  daily! You will also be paired up with a Vibration Activation™ Club Buddy for extra accountability and vibe tune-ups!

See More about Vibe Tribe Masters!

VIP Private Client Program

3 – 6 Month Program
This program is for one-on-one private coaching for those individuals ready for a bigger commitment and needing more support and accountability in creating their dream business, relationship, life or vision.  Along with private sessions you will also receive a free ticket to the Vibration Activation Live Events and my book iManifest as a PDF and my AAFF audio program. WooHooo! I love free goodies 🙂

If you’re new to coaching you are giving yourself the BEST gift in the world! You’ll start living your life on purpose with passion and being fulfilled everyday!

First, I get you focused and clear about what you really want and WHY you want it! This alone is worth the investment.

Second, we uncover what is holding you back from being the person you want to be and living the life you desire. I will hold you accountable for following through!

Third, we create a new plan/process for you to follow, customized to suit your situation. You’ll be working directly with me, we’ll eliminate your doubts, fears and bogus story and have you living your bliss with more ease and joy than you thought possible!

Here’s how it works.

Each week I’ll call you and we talk for 1 hour. Which includes applying the Vibration Activation™ process. Getting you in alignment and into ACTION. Getting you clear and FOCUSED. Removing the self imposed limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Plus, a guided visualization. You’ll also receive daily Vibe Tune up emails from me, which will keep you in the flow everyday!

I do NOT work with just anyone!

You will have to fill out the application below. I promise it’s easy. After you submit your answers, I will contact you for a 15 minute free call to make sure it’s going to be a win/win.

Thanks for considering me as your potential coach. Have fun with the questions in the application, no stressing yourself out, it’s easy.

See you on the Bliss Train,


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WooHoo! Your LIFE will never be the same!