“Andy totally ROCKS! Since I started coaching with him I’ve accomplished more in 7 months than I have in years! He always gives me the exact tools I need to shift my vibration. I am well on my way to doing what I love and living the life of my dreams!”
Angela Andrade
“Andy and his Vibration Activation Coaching totally ROCK!! The calls and e-mails are a helpful stretch and he’s right there with his joy of life, expert LOA skills and tools and comedic sense of humor! I am moving forward in every part of my life and enjoying it all so much more!”
Helen West
“Andy is an awesome coach – funny, supportive and insightful. He makes the whole process fun and engaging and never fails to get me into the vortex! I highly recommend his services!”
Laura Forbes
“If you want to ease into your life, all while laughing and playing hard, then Andy is the man for that job. Having Andy as my coach really showed me my true power and how much fun it can be to claim it.”
Lu-Jane Al-Sheikh
“I made a major change in my life and knew I wanted to keep things moving along quickly & happily so I hired Andy as my Vibration Activation coach. I knew it would help, but I had no idea just how much. It’s amazing. Life changing. Absolutely incredible! Thanks so much Andy!”
Victoria Westcott
“I recently attended Andy’s seminar in Toronto and followed it up with a coaching session. It is definitely a double WOW! I am very grateful to Andy for all of his help in making me realize that I have such a wonderful life.”
Patti Ballin
“Give yourself the gift of Vibration Activation© coaching! Andy is my secret weapon to success and happiness! With Andy’s help, I re-wrote my “life story” and became a new person. I now look forward to each new day and the manifestations it will bring to me! As a bonus, I even lost 35 pounds!”
John Lentini
“I’ve been listening to Andy’s audio program for the last month. It’s shifted my own personal world in ways unimaginable. More ease & flow, more good times, more MONEY even!! I recommend it to all my own clients AND even borrow some of his tools to help them. The skills you learn here are simple, immediately actionable and work. Nuff said.”
Sylvia Ferrero
“I’m riding the waves of contrast everyday – and I can tell you, this audio program has made a HuGe impact on my daily routine. Even my 9-year-old son gets into the “stop, cancel, clear” technique! This is amazing work that anyone – of any age – can put into practice in their life. Vibration Activation™, baby!”
Matthew Garrepy
“I just finished your Vibration Activation series and I must say that your approach to what I have heard over the years is amazing! It just now changed my life.  I wish the English language could come up with stronger more heartfelt words of gratitude then simply, “Thank You” but mine come straight from the heart. You have no idea… well, no I really think you do know. So with a YEEHAW! and a WOOHOO!”
Lynn Ciavarini
“Andy has giving me the golden ticket to the bliss train of life. With out the Vibration Activation program I was on the fear train! Vibrations Activation has given me the easy steps to become the conductor of the Bliss Train; it has added more fun and love to my life, Thank you Andy for the golden ticket to Vibration Activation Bliss Train of Life!!!”
Aaron Kint (CAT Captain Awesome Thoughts)