13BMM(new)The 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Hey hey! Andy Dooley here, and if you’re on this page it’s probably because you are stuck in the manifesting doldrums. You know, you practice this Law of Attraction stuff all the time and study, study, study all the LOA masters… but your still not getting the results you think you should be or they are sooooo sloooooow that at this rate something really cool MIGHT show up by the time you are 90!

That’s not good… but don’t worry, because I’ve been there. I get it, AND I have the answer to your most frustrating question: “Why? Why won’t this work for me? Why, why, why is manifesting what I want taking so darn long?”

Well, I’m going to tell you “why,” in this awesome Book I created just for you called: The 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes (plus…how to fix them). It can put your manifesting results on hyperdrive faster than you can say boo yeah!   

And… great news! It’s only $7.00 for a .pdf download or $15 + shipping for the paperback! That’s right.

GroupPHOTO1Here’s a sampling of the Mistakes this book can help you stop making:

Lazy, lousy focus! Back when my life sucked (that feels like forever ago but it really wasn’t that long ago), and I was having a big ol’ pity party over my broken heart and my even more broken financial situation, THIS: “lazy, lousy focus” was the mistake I was making.  And, if you are like most of the people I work with, it’s a mistake you are making too. Even if I only covered THIS one mistake, this book would be worth 10x as much!

  • Not understanding contrast.  This one is super common too, so let’s bust it right now! Without contrast, it’s all the same and if every thing’s the same what’s to choose? You wouldn’t even get 2 shades of gray to choose from much less 50! Hmmm…. I get deep on this one because it’s tricky, but you won’t get tricked by it anymore once I give you the key to never falling for this one again.
  • Or how about… Negative People! You are surrounding yourself with Negative People! What to do? What to do? No worries. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do about the Negative People bringing you down. It’s all in Chapter 13 which might be my favorite except I love them all because I’ve made all of these mistakes, and I’ve figured out how to stop.
  • And guess what? My life is EPIC AWESOME. Seriously. It is. Hang around for a while and you’ll see that is true… AND it can be true for you too. Don’t wait. Get your copy now:

The 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)



If you don’t love it let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your purchase price!