This Audio Program is Loaded with Powerful Guided Visualizations!

Hello Totally Unique Thinker! I’m going to give it to you straight! No BS! No hype! No outrageous promises to get you to buy my audio program.  Here is what I believe. There is NOTHING WRONG with you!

I spent over 1 year writing and recording this audio program with the intention to shift your vibration of attraction, so you can start manifesting with satisfaction.  I have meet so many smart, spiritual, beautiful people struggling to live the life of their dreams. They feel ripped off and even worse they start to believe that something is wrong with them.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with you! You have just developed limiting beliefs and a story about why you can’t have what you want. You have become your own worst enemy. I know what that is like because I have been there myself.

The only thing keeping you from what you want, is a story about why you can’t have it!

I will show you how to tell a new story and eliminate your limiting beliefs. I give you over 15 contemporary guided visualizations throughout this audio program that will get you into the feeling of your desire! Or as Abraham Hicks says, in your Vortex. I have specific guided visualizations for health, money, relationships, good times, and a fulfilling career. The feeling is everything in manifesting, because how you feel is how you attract!

Let me ask you, do you feel stuck sometimes?

You know what to do but you’re not doing what you know? Don’t you hate that! Or maybe your life is going great, but there’s that one area that keeps tripping you up? The bottom line is you need to be reminded of just how awesome you are and given a new set of powerful tools to get you back into your creative power, back into alignment with the real you! If you’re ready to take back control of your life, make your dreams a reality and make happiness your #1 priority? Then you’re ready to experience my audio program! I will demystify the manifestation process and give you a step-by-step plan to start living the life you have imagined. With my insights, you will remember who you really are and how to have fun along your spiritual journey. Throughout this audio program, I will give you the best metaphysical tools and techniques for breaking through your doubts and fears.

This program has practical, easy to apply techniques and tools that will eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs and install the positive ones.

You will experience big shifts in your health, wealth and relationships. You’re NOT crazy for thinking you can be, do and have it all, because you can! Life is your canvas, and you are the artist painting with your thoughts, beliefs and expectations, all of which create your vibration. The Law of Attraction responds to your vibration by bringing people, events and circumstances that match your vibration. You are crazy for thinking that there is something wrong with you and that you are not worthy of living the life you have imagined.

If you’re like me, then you have read all the self help books, attended the seminars and have meditated yourself to sleep. Sometimes you manifest amazing things other times you manifest nothing but frustration! Then you ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Or why did this happen to me? I know exactly how you feel. I have been there myself when my second business failed and my partner and I lost $100,000. My first thought was, “What’s wrong with me? Why did this happen to me? How come I did not see this coming?” I felt depressed. I was lost and confused and worst of all I thought all this metaphysical, new age, law of attraction stuff was a bunch of crap! I felt jaded! Have you ever felt that way? Maybe you feel it right now? I mean, I used all the visualization, affirmations, vision boards, and even Feng shui in my house.

My life went from a beach to a bitch overnight! Listening to my audio program I will share with you over a dozen different techniques and tools I have developed over the years that have changed my clients life as well as mine. I’ll share with you how I got back into the game of life and started a new business/career which is my true passion and purpose in life. I will also give you what I consider to be the real secret to manifestation and it’s not what you think!

One of the things that makes this audio program unique and valuable is that you will experience guided visualizations in each Audio File. I spent countless hours creating and crafting powerful imagery that is uplifting and fun. These guided visualizations are ideal for driving in your car, exercising, or taking a break during your hectic workday. Each one has a contemporary piece of music ranging from New Age to Techno. My guided visualizations will NOT put you to sleep. Instead they will wake you up and get you refocused on creating and living the life you have imagined.

They will get you into your Vortex! Plus, I developed and created a new visualization technique that is a hundred times more powerful than your typical guided visualization! Oh, and by the way, have you ever wondered about the meaning of life and whether you’re living with purpose? In Audio File 6, I give you a specific technique for discovering your life’s purpose. For years, I struggled with this, and now that I am living my life with purpose, I feel joy and passion every day. And so will you!

Today I want to make you a special offer! Normally this audio program cost $117.00, but I have sold out of the physical CD sets while touring! Therefore, I want to give it to you for only $97 as an MP3 instant download.

I am really excited to share with you all of these life changing tools and techniques, because I know they will change your life! I’ll give you my 1 year MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Have a totally titanium day and remember that you are AWESOME, AMAZING, FUN and FANTASTIC! And there is nothing wrong with you! Woohoo!

1 Year Money Back Guarantee – Try AAFF for 1year, and if for some reason it doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can return it for a full product refund.



P.S. If you have any trouble downloading please email and tech support is on the way!

Shocking Testimonials

“Wow! I love Andy Dooley’s Audio Program, “Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic.” He’s really taught me the REASON I should visualize for a few minutes every day, how to find my purpose, and so much more. He made me laugh all the way through, too. I listen to the visualization CD while cleaning house. It is Fantastic!”
–Terri Mares

“I am getting so much out of your awesome CD series. Thank you for bringing clarity to what used to confuse me. Already big changes are happening for the better! THANK YOU!”
–Don Bates

“Your CD set, AAFF is totally awesome! I finally understand why my life has been on hold! I especially love the guided visualizations and stories that you share from your heart! I love what you and your family are doing!”
–Kim Nelson

“I want you to know I got the AAFF CD’s and love them!  Thank you for your clarity and the inspiring, delightful way you teach Law of Attraction, here’s to you Andy, sell a billion!!!”
-Cathey Blaylock Lindley

“I bought your CD set; You are Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic. I can’t tell you how much it’s helping me!  I listen to one of the CD’s almost every morning while I am doing self Reiki and it really gets my day started off right. Keep up the good work!”
–Holly H.

Inside the Program

Andy Dooley

Audio File 1

  • The TUT story. From T-shirts to a million dollar business.
  • Quantum physics simplified!
  • How to get yourself vibrating in-synch with your desires!
  • Why you don’t always get what you think about!
  • The FUN way to approach the Law of Attraction!
  • How to let go of your resistance and embrace your divinity.
  • Plus, more tools for changing your life!

Audio File  2

  • Learn the REAL SECRET to mastering the art of manifestation!
  • Why positive thinking is not enough and how to think positively automatically.
  • 2 simple words for changing your life.
  • Discover what’s really holding you BACK!
  • How to eliminate your bogus story of lack and limitation.
  • A visualization technique 100x more powerful than other techniques!
  • Learn why there is nothing wrong with you!
  • Plus, more concepts for creating happiness!

Audio File 3

  • Learn the 6 steps to successful visualization.
  • How to trouble shoot the manifestation process.
  • Manifesting your desires more quickly.
  • How to shake loose limiting beliefs.
  • Why manifesting parking spots is vital to your success.
  • How to create a vibrational buzz of attraction.
  • Plus, more techniques for manifestation!

Audio File 4

  • How to develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Learn to ask 3 powerful questions that can eliminate painful emotions.
  • Understanding where emotions come from.
  • How to turn around your negative emotions.
  • Using your negative emotions to your advantage!
  • How to make affirmations work every time.
  • Plus, more stories and techniques for feeling great!

Audio File 5

  • Learn core principles from Improv comedy that will have you manifesting more.
  • Develop a ZEN like mind for manifesting.
  • 5 magic words for instant relief.
  • “I AM” affirmations.
  • Finally, a technique for letting go of resistance.
  • Why working hard can work against you.
  • Discover the new 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration action plan.
  • How to increase your energy without caffeine.
  • Plus, more specific tools for living the life you have imagined!

Audio File 6

  • At last! The answer to the meaning of life!
  • Discover how to live your life on purpose!
  • 4 steps to loving yourself.
  • How to install love! A little help from tech support.
  • A simple technique for discovering what you should do with your life.
  • NEW! 5 step vibrational tune up! You’ll be feeling GREAT! * The power of your focus and why! * Discovering your life’s purpose in 20 minutes! * Plus, a better understanding of life!

Audio File 7

  • Guided Visualizations
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride.
  • Vibrations of Appreciation.
  • Hawaii Beach Sunrise.
  • The Butterfly Challenge.
  • TV Interview with Oprah.
  • Outdoor Cafe.
  • Lovers Around the World.
  • Affirmations for Love, Money, Health.
  • Plus, many more visualizations for easy manifestation!