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Life is good and it’s about to get better!

Surely you jest, no iManifest! And don’t call me Shirley!


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A Simple Formula That Will Transform Your Money, Health and Relationships

Each day is an opportunity to attract and manifest your dreams. Unfortunately for many people, manifesting their dreams has become a painful endeavor. What if they were just misusing the Law of Attraction? What if it really was simple?

iManifest welcomes the reader to embrace a fresh, clear formula for manifesting desires. Whether you’re new to metaphysics or a “spiritual know it all,”iManifest reveals a seamless, eight-step process, complete with tools and exercises that show you how to incorporate this formula into your life immediately.

Filled with lighthearted poems and real life stories of manifesting, iManifest reveals the essential insights for creating and living a happy, successful life. Every day is an exciting journey because life is your canvas and you are the artist painting with your thoughts, beliefs and imagination.

It doesn’t take much 2 turn your life around,
You’re not tied 2 the past, you’re not bound.

You’re beautiful and divine, 100% sublime,
You’ve been this way since the beginning of time.

iManifest will give you a jump start,
Laughter and love will fill your heart.

iManifest is more than a book,
It’s transformational, it’s off the hook!

Why did I write this book? Because I have a serious glue sniffing addiction and shoe fetish. I owe $654,000, and I was told writing a book would be therapeutic and make me rich and famous. (Just kidding!)

Why did I write this book? Because I want to help you on your spiritual journey. I see so many spiritual people struggling to live the life of their dreams! They’re doing many things right but a few things wrong, which I will address in this book.

Plus, I love to write, and my Inner Spirit Guide told me if I do NOT share these brilliant insights with you, I will start experiencing OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drooling) and I’ll need to stock up on bibs.