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VA-8CDThe 3 EASY Steps That Take the Mystery Out of Manifesting!

Hello Totally Unique Thinker! You’re a powerful creator and my comprehensive audio program, will show you how to activate a new vibration of attraction. Get you back into alignment with the life you came here to live. Be sure to watch the video on this page. This program is awesome.


Because I share with you exactly how to get control of your thoughts and teach you how to FOCUS your thoughts using your imagination and emotions.

Are you ready to take the mystery out of manifesting?

YES, of course!  You’re a powerful creator and my comprehensive audio program, will show you how to:

  • Break free of your negative thinking
  • Crush your limiting beliefs and activate a new you
  • Transform your money, health and relationships

I guarantee my new audio program will give you the tools, techniques, the vision and 3 easy steps to break free from your limiting beliefs and bogus stories that are holding your prisoner, from the life of your dreams! I know sometimes you feel like a big fake that can help everyone else but you can’t help yourself. I will give you the step-by-step process for turning your life around and unlocking your true potential and power!

Here’s just some of what I cover:

  • Activate the life you desire in 3 easy steps
  • How to deal with negative people
  • Manifesting unlimited abundance
  • How to fall in love with yourself and your life
  • The most important piece of the manifesting process
  • Never let a negative emotion shut you down again
  • Applying Vibration Activation™ to health, and relationships

You’ll feel the activation of your own vibration as I guide you through the process and share my stories and  the experiences of my clients. You’ll also share the laughter and abundance as you listen to recorded live, “hot seat” coaching opportunities from my renowned Vibration Activation™ Live! Events. And finally as a special bonus, you’ll hear Regena Garrepy’s thoughtful interview with me filled with brilliant insights for taking the mystery out of manifesting! It’s awesome. Watch the video below! The USB Flashdrive or the Audio Cd’s for $147 include FREE shipping!     FreeAUdio_VA

  • How to handle set backs, lost love, opportunities, etc.
  • Finally, free yourself from negative self talk
  • Understanding how “contrast” is your best friend
  • How to overcome your fears and procrastination
  • Guided visualization for instant activation
  • How to detach from your desires

Joe and Kimberly Parker’s podcast on my Andy Dooley Vibration Activation™ workshop!

If you want instant access, you can listen in my new Audio Player as well as download the audio files as MP3′s and save $20. MP3′s are only $127. This is a program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! No matter what area you are struggling with, my easy 3 Step Process can be applied and transform your life. Take action and you will manifest satisfaction.

Watch this Video before you buy. Watch this video!

The program is available on a USB Drive or you can
listen instantly with my NEW Super Cool Audio Player!

I give you a 1 year money back guarantee, just email for a full refund.

If you have any trouble downloading please email and tech support is on the way!


Shocking Testimonials

“I was really stuck in the mud before working with Andy Dooley.  But since I started working with him, and really following his lead, everything has changed for me!  Opportunities are cropping up everywhere I look, I feel great, I have tons of energy, and I can say without a doubt that my life is infinitely more rewarding and amazing!  What’s most amazing about Vibration Activation is how easy and simple Andy makes it.  It just becomes a part of your life and the results are astounding!  That’s Right – Vibration Activation is what everyone needs…and deserves!”
– A. Nelson Ruger IV
“I’ve been listening to Andy’s audio program for the last month. It’s shifted my own personal world in ways unimaginable. More ease & flow, more good times, more MONEY even!! I recommend it to all my own clients AND even borrow some of his tools to help them. The skills you learn here are simple, immediately actionable and work. Nuff said.” –Sylvia Ferrero
“I’m riding the waves of contrast everyday – and I can tell you, this audio program has made a HuGe impact on my daily routine. Even my 9-year-old son gets into the “stop, cancel, clear” technique! This is amazing work that anyone – of any age – can put into practice in their life. Vibration Activation™, baby!”
–Matthew Garrepy
“Anyone who wants to soar to new heights, feel fantastically amazing, laugh, dance (no one is watching!), and improve their vibration while having fun should DEFINITELY CHECK THIS OUT!! This is by far the easiest, most laugh-out-loud, and empowering way to learn and apply the Law of Attraction! And you get taught by the master himself, Mr. Andy Dooley! It just doesn’t get any better!!!”
–Gretchen Ehret
“I just finished your Vibration Activation series and I must say that your approach to what I have heard over the years is amazing! It just now changed my life.
I wish the English language could come up with stronger more heartfelt words of gratitude then simply, “Thank You” but mine come straight from the heart. You have no idea… well, no I really think you do know. So with a YEEHAW! and a WOOHOO!”
–Lynn Ciavarini
“Andy has giving me the golden ticket to the bliss train of life. With out the Vibration Activation program I was on the fear train! Vibrations Activation has given me the easy steps to become the conductor of the Bliss Train; it has added more fun and love to my life, Thank you Andy for the golden ticket to Vibration Activation Bliss Train of Life!!!”
–Aaron Kint (CAT Captain Awesome Thoughts)
“Andy Dooley’s Vibration Activation is very effective in helping me change the negative emotions that come up with the tough situations that come up in my every day life.  I have used the STOP, CANCEL, CLEAR… to remind myself that the negative emotions that linger can make a situation worse and can keep you from your best solution. The program is practical, effective and fun.”  –Yolanda Pope
“Whenever I feel stuck with law of attraction, I put on Andy’s CD in my car. This guy is funny, makes me laugh and above all: he really vibes me up (with my allowance of course). What I love about the CD’s are his live sessions. They are witty, outrageous, awesome! I feel the vibes as if I was at his seminars :-) Thanks Andy for making it international. Switzerland is being activated, too!
–Silvan Wirz