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The BEST is yet to come!

It's TRUE. You can feel it, if you try. It's something you can not deny! No matter how bad or good it is right now! The best ideas, opportunities, friends, food, sex and laughter is on the way. HOW? Because the Universe is always expanding and everything you have ever asked for is waiting for

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LOOK 4 the Positive!

TODAY, give yourself an amazing GIFT of looking for the positive. I promise, if you look for it, you will find it! Remember the old saying, “Seek and ye shall find a freak!” Just kidding:-) Seek and you shall find the good or the bad. Looking for the positive can make a HUGE difference in

Would you like a little Love & Romance?

[youtube=] It's 2 days away from 2012! Yipeee, WooHoo! What's wrong? You say you have no one to love! Have NO Fear, Vibration Visualization man is here! How about creating some love and romance for yourself in the new year? It's EASY to do! Just close your eyes and listen to my guided visualization! Feel

Here’s a juicy guided visualization, enjoy:-)

[youtube=] I love making these guided visualization videos. I use Garage band on my MacBook Pro. It's so much fun to find the right piece of music to go with the different parts of the visualization. WooHoo! This is a new way for me to help you visualize your desires. Focusing your imagination and feeling

5 Minute Guided Visualization to Success & Happiness! Enjoy:-)

[youtube=] It only takes 5 minutes to radically shift your vibration and activate a new vibration of attraction! When was the last time you visualized your success and happiness? Do it NOW and feel the WOW! Andy  AKA - Mr. Visualization PS - There are no images in this video, WHY? I want you to

Are Your Big Dreams Killing You?

  [youtube=] APPRECIATION: You must learn to appreciate your unfulfilled dreams and desires. This video has more info, music and dancing!!! ALIGNMENT: You must align yourself with the feeling of your dream as if it has already happened! It's FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND! ALLOWING: You must learn to allow your dreams to come true and