World Tour


  • Orlando, FL.  February 8th -Rocked it!
  • Miami, FL.  February 9th -Rocked it!
  • Las Vegas, NV.  February 22nd -Awesome!
  • Atlanta, GA  March 22nd -Awesome!
  • Nashville, TN.  March 23rd -Epic!
  • New Orleans, LA.  April 26th -Awesome!
  • Louisville, KY. April 27th -Awesome!
  • Philadelphia, PA. May 3rd -Awesome!
  • Washington, DC. May 4th -Rocked it! 
  • Calgary, AB. Canada June 14th -Epic!
  • Vancouver, BC. Canada June 15th -Rocked it!
  • Raleigh, NC. July 12th -Epic!
  • Asheville, NC. July 13th -Awesome!
  • Toronto, ON. Canada July 19th -Awesome!
  • Montreal, QC. Canada July 26th -Rocked it! 

More dates coming soon! Check back!  
Learn more about Andy’s workshop HERE! 

Workshop Applause!!

My friend and I drove 3 hours, and you were PRICELESS! We laughed all day, and your breakthrough processes are the best yet! I am already telling my new story. THAT’S RIGHT!
Stephanie L.
Both workshops (I attended) far exceeded my expectations! I have been a lifelong student of LOA. Andy puts a fresh spin on metaphysics and gets you to experience these concepts!” 
Andy makes the principles of spiritual growth fun and believable!
What a wonderful workshop. A life changer for sure! THANK YOU!
Lori Miller
“Anyone who wants to soar to new heights, feel fantastically amazing, laugh, dance (no one is watching!), and improve their vibration while having fun should DEFINITELY CHECK THIS OUT!! This is by far the easiest, most laugh-out-loud, and empowering way to learn and apply the Law of Attraction! And you get taught by the master himself, Mr. Andy Dooley! It just doesn’t get any better!!!” 
Gretchen Ehret


  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 23rd Rocked it!
  • Perth, Australia February 26th Rocked it!
  • Sydney, Australia February 28th Awesome!
  • Melbourne, Australia March 2nd Rocked it!
  • Brisbane, Australia March 3rd Rocked it!
  • TUT Adventure. Tahiti Cruise March 9th-17th Awesome!
  • Phoenix, AZ March 23rd Amazing!
  • Denver, CO. TUT Train the Trainer June 6th-9th Awesome!!
  • Chicago, IL July 13th Rocked it!
  • Minneapolis, MN July 27th Amazing!
  • Seattle, WA August 10th Awesome!
  • Portland, OR August 17th Rocked it!
  •  Chicago, IL. Insight Awareness October 5th Awesome!


  •  Durham & Asheville, NC  January 21st & 22nd. Completed
  •  Atlanta, GA. & Kansas City, MO  January 28th & 29th. Sold Out!
  •  Denver, CO  March 3rd. Sold Out!
  •  Dallas & Houston, TX” March 10th & 11th. Sold Out!
  •  Boston, MA  March 24th. Sold Out!
  • TUT Adventure. Machu Picchu.  April 21th – 29th, 2012  Awesome!!
  • Orlando, Florida.Train The Trainer Conf. June 8th – 10th, 2012 Rocked it!
  • San Francisco & Sacramento, CA  July 14th – 15th, 2012  Rocked it!
  • Tucson & Phoenix, AZ August 11th – 12th, 2012  Rocked it!
  • Best of Italy Sept. 8th-17th Amazing!!
  • White Plains, NY October 27th, 2012  Sold Out!
  • Austin, TX  November 3rd, 2012  Rocked it!
  • Philadelphia, PA  November 10th, 2012  Sold Out!


  • African Safari. TUT Adventure Sept. 5-16, 2011 Awesome!
  • Amsterdam 20-Sep-11 Sold Out!
  • California – L.A./San Diego August 6 & 7, 2011 Rocked it!
  • Canada – Calgary/Vancouver July 23 & 24, 2011 Sold Out!
  • Illinois – Charleston 16-Jul-11 Rocked it!
  • Canada – Toronto/Montreal June, 25, 26, 2011 Sold Out!
  • Nebraska 22-May-11 Rocked it!
  • Washington DC. 14-May-11 Rocked it!
  • Denver – Colorado. April 2 & 3, 2011 Rocked it!
  • AUSTRALIA -Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne March 12, 13, & 19, 2011 Sold Out!
  • TUT-CRUISE – Mexico  February 19-26, 2011 Rocked it!


  • Boston, MA. 16-Oct-10 Rocked it!
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11-Sep-10 Rocked it!
  • Chicago, Illinois 28-Aug-10 Rocked it!
  • Las Vegas, Nevada 1-Aug-10 Rocked it!
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 31-Jul-10 Rocked it!
  • Sacramento, California 17-Jul-10 Rocked it!
  • San Jose, California 18-Jul-10 Rocked it!
  • Kansas City, MO January 15 & 16, 2010 Rocked it!