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Are You Ready to Activate a Better Life?

Did you know it takes 21 days to create a new habit and activate a new vibration of attraction.

No wonder most people feel stuck and lonely. I am here for you. If you show up, then together, we’ll blow it up!

Blow up your limiting beliefs and bogus stories and create the changes you want.

Whatever you’re struggling with (money, health, relationships, career) and you’re ready to create a CHANGE and want to be part of a community of people – a tribe – who, just like you, are committed to activating a new vibration of attraction and manifesting MORE of what you really want in your life. Then maybe this is for you?

It’s an amazing tribe of deliberate creators, who will inspire you, support you, and challenge you.

Are you ready to BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world? Then you’re ready to join the Vibe Tribe! BUYEAH!



VibeTRIBE_Live Calls

Vibration LIVE CALLS

Join me on the first Wednesday of every month for your live Vibration Activation™ tribal counsel call. I’ll do some teaching then open the lines to answer your question or give you some personal laser coaching to help you with a specific challenge  you’ve been struggling with.

Plus, we’ll play “THAT’S RIGHT” work on your “TRANSITION STORIES” and I’ll make sure you’re living your purpose with passion.

It’s gonna rock! And of course you’ll have unlimited access to all the call recordings.



Every Monday you’ll want to hop on over to our Vibe Tribe hub for (members only) Monday Activation Video. These just-for-the-Tribe videos will get you inspired to keep Your Vibration Activated no matter what contrast life is giving you.

This is where I’ll reinforce the power of creating a new habit backed up with positive thought and action. Plus, super charged guide visualization videos. Also, videos will include answers to your questions.

VibeTRIBE_Challenge (1)


Thursday is our Vibe Challenge which is going to be a fun way to keep the Activation flowing right into the weekend! What good is a tribe if your not challenged to grow and apply what you are learning.

Do the challenges with friends and family or your fellow Vibe Triber’s. It takes 21 days to form a habit and when your in the Vibe Tribe you’ll be holding yourself accountable to sticking with your new habits of thought and action. The results will be amazing if you follow through and show up.

vibetribe facebook

Secret Facebook GROUP

This secret Facebook group is where you’ll connect with other like-minded people from all over the world who, like you, are into manifesting the most awesome life using Vibration Activation™!

You’ll be able to find “That’s Right” buddies, ask for support when your feeling a challenge, and share your wins, celebrations and inspirations. Keep track of your progress and support the others in the Vibe Tribe. This is a secret, Vibe-Tribe only group so what you share can only be seen by other Vibe Tribe members.

You’ve Been Asking and Believing, Now it’s Time to For You to Start Receiving!

Most people walk the spiritual journey alone, lacking the confidence and self belief they need to follow through with their dreams, feeling stuck, frustrated and like a big fake. Maybe you can relate? This is WHY being a part of a community, a Vibe Tribe is so important. You are not alone. Imagine being part of a tribe of positive people that believe in you and support you! Where you can start living your purpose and making your dreams a reality. The Vibe Tribe will keep you off the Bitch Train and on the Bliss Train, for only $10.00/month. Plus, I’m here to help you stay in alignment with your desires so you can start loving the life you’re creating! THAT’S RIGHT! I can’t wait for you to join the party! THAT’S RIGHT! This is a great opportunity! THAT’S RIGHT! It’s only $10.00 a month and you are totally worth it 🙂

 Ready to join the Vibe Tribe?


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photo 3A really sad story

I’ll keep this short because no one likes a long drawn out sad story, right?

5 years ago I was in the worst place of my life. I was broke financially, owed the IRS, had a mountain of credit card debt. Not good.

I was in physical pain too; my lower back felt like there was a samurai sword stuck right through my lumbar spine.

And even worse than that, I had a broken heart. Yep! I had fallen in love – I thought she was the one, and then everything blew up in my face!

It was the worst.

I put myself to bed and had a pity party. Whoo boo hoo hoo.

I wanted someone to blame for this mess! I’d lay there in bed with, “How did this happen to me? How did this happen to me? How did this happen to me?,” playing nonstop in my head like the worst broken record ever!

Until one day I declared 2

“ENOUGH!”, of feeling sorry for myself. ENOUGH of playing the blame game.

So, I said to myself, SELF, You are a powerful attractor, and if you continue this crap you are likely to attract getting struck by lightning – while lying in bed.”

In that moment I made the decision to fully commit to the principles of Law of Attraction; to go deeper and take them farther than ever before.

I made the decision to take full responsibility for everything I’d attracted. ALL of it!

I made the decision to Activate my Vibration.

And now, you can too! 

You can too because I decided to put what really worked for me, what turned my life from pretty darn ugly to rockin’ awesome (and keeps getting better) into a system and to share that system with everyone who was frustrated by and giving up on the Law of Attraction.

One thing that got obvious very quickly as I began to talk to people about manifesting was I realized people were missing a lot of really important pieces of the puzzle – like “the transition story” for example.  Ever heard of that before?

photo 1You have if you’ve been watching my latest videos or if you’ve been to one of my workshops.  But most people are working and working to manifest something BIG and cool and totally awesome, and they are skipping the whole transition story!  No one ever told them they have to tell their transition story!  Then they wonder why the big, cool, totally awesome thing never comes.  

That’s the kind of thing that really gets me fired up! 

So fired up I created Vibration Activation™ and started teaching it to people, and holy flying unicorn – it worked!  Of course I knew it worked for me, but it was really cool when I discovered it works for pretty much anybody and everybody who puts their heart into it.  Who makes a commitment to change their vibration and begin attracting more of the really cool awesome stuff and less, a whole lot less, of the challenges, struggles and yuck they are attracting now.

That got me pretty excited to see people transform their whole lives.  I mean would you be excited if you transformed your entire life?  What if this time next year you woke up to a totally different life?  What would it look like?

  • Would someone special be waking up with you?

  • Would you be living in a different city or town, or maybe you have moved to the country!

  • Would you have a different job; one where you were able to really make a difference?

  • Would you be free of the shackles of debt?

  • Enjoying vibrant health?

  • Maybe you have quit your job and started your own business – in Bali!!

It could be anything.  So before you read further I want you to just sit with that for a moment.  If you had the tools to transform your life and you had the ongoing support to make sure you actually used those tools, what would your life look like?  How would it keep getting better and better and BETTER!





OK – great job on the visualization.  I’ll let you get back to that shortly!

The funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that it’s a law – and a Law of the Universe at that!  You cannot break it.  You cannot change it.  You cannot turn it off – even for a second!  It’s always working!

What are you going to do then?  My advice is simple: join the Vibe Tribe and master being in alignment with the Law!

 Ready to join the Vibe Tribe?  YES 🙂


Enroll Now for only $10.00/month*