Calling All Deliberate Creators Who Are Ready To Kick Ass
And Live Your Best Life. No More Excuses – Align With The Divine.

=>> Starting September 12th, 8 weeks of Accountability, Productivity and Prosperity.

Click the Apply Now button below to complete the application. Fill it out right away, submit your $33 Application fee, and if you are accepted I’ll personally email you and let you know. (If not chosen, your fee will be 100% refunded.)



What If The Next 8 Weeks Could Truly Change Your Life?

Want to know a secret? I want to see you kick ass. Seriously. I want you to live your bliss, step into your greatness, and experience the kind of joy that makes you cry for no reason at all.

That’s why I created The Vibe Tribe Masters, a 8 Week high-level Coaching and Accountability program that will give you the opportunity to become more aligned and more productive than you ever have before.

This isn’t a Woo-Woo program. These are real tools to help you navigate the real world. No matter where you are on your journey, this program will definitely take your life to the next level. Vibe Tribe Masters is an exclusive “mastermind” program where you get to work directly with me each week, within a small group of deliberate creators, for 8 weeks. Each and every one of our 8 weeks will help you to:

  • Get Clear on What You Really Want – FINALLY, focus on your greatness.
  • Get out of Your Own Way – and STAY out of your own way!
  • Break Free from Procrastination – imagine waking up productive.
  • Get into Action and Activate a Prosperity Consciousness Now.

As a member of Vibe Tribe Masters you’ll be encouraged and supported to get out of your comfort zone and into your manifestation zone!

Here’s the Thing: Sometimes You are Just Ready!

Ready to…

  • Let go of what’s not working
  • STOP the negative thinking
  • Quit with the self-sabotage
  • End the procrastination

And you are ready for the relationship your HEART knows is out there. Ready to attract the RIGHT job that gives you the opportunity to contribute your genius, or maybe for you it’s a business that makes a difference in the world. You could be ready for a house – one that can be a home that supports you and your family. Or maybe for you it’s not about manifesting a “thing” at all, but it’s more about being in command of creating a positive, make-a-difference kind of life.

I TOTALLY get that because that is exactly what I’ve created!

I LOVE MY LIFE, and I want you to LOVE your life too! 

So whatever it is you have been wanting to create so you can have the amazingly-fantastical most awesome-est-life EVER, that you KNOW is possible for YOU…

Well then, Vibe Tribe Masters is for you! 

Who Should Join Vibe Tribe Masters?

This group is exclusively for those who are ready to make the real changes, ready to show up fully for yourself and your fellow Vibe Tribe Masters members, ready to be committed to transforming your life and for being a part of a high level Mastermind experience.

(And, if you’re in the Vibe Tribe now, this is your opportunity to take your results to the next level.)


Great! I knew you were (or you wouldn’t be reading this)! And you know THAT’S RIGHT!

Your next step is simple: click the link to fill out the short 5-question application and submit your $33 application fee. That’s it!  I’ll get back to you within just a day or two with an answer. 

You may be wondering, “Andy, why are you charging an application fee?” I’m glad you asked!

Because an application fee helps to separate those who are ready to be all-in from those who are just kicking the tires on all-in!

And, there is NO RISK. The application fee is 100% refundable. If for any reason you don’t get in, you’ll receive a fast refund. AND if you DO get in (I HOPE you do!) your application fee will be applied to the program fee.

So Apply Now because the limited spaces will fill quickly!

Pssst… I bet you’ll accomplish more in the 8 weeks we’ll spend together than most people do in 6 months.

What’s a Mastermind?

If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich you know that Napoleon Hill was one of the first to teach about the importance of what he called a “mastermind” group. The power of a mastermind group is rooted in the fact that you can and do “catch” the vibration of success from those you spend time with. In fact, your level of success can be predicted by observing those you choose to align yourself with. That is why it is so important to align yourself with people committed to the same level of transformation that you are. And I know from personal experience that joining a mastermind group can be the MOST IMPORTANT thing you ever do towards creating the life you really want to be living. I know it has been for me.

Because We Can’t Grow It Alone!

You need to be a part of a like-minded group of people who are committed at the same level of transformation and who value the same kind of experiences. When you become a part of the Vibe Tribe Masters, you can accelerate your integration and application of the Laws faster and with less effort than you ever could on your own. Vibe Tribe Masters is all about Accountability, Productivity and Prosperity. Hey, I have saved myself thousands of dollars and years of wasted time by being a part of mastermind coaching programs like this. I highly recommend you join one, if not this one then find one you like and join it!

You Know That Saying, “Everything You Want Is Outside Your Comfort Zone?”

Well, IT’S TRUE! So how are you going to get from where you are now to where you WANT to be? To where the magic happens? That’s easy. It starts when you say YES to this invitation and apply to be one of the VIBE TRIBE MASTERS.

One BIG reason a mastermind like this is so important is being held accountable by me and the TRIBE. Imagine breaking free of your self-sabotage and getting into action. Plus, we all have negative people in our life who bring us down. The Vibe Tribe Masters will give you support and immunity to those nay-sayers.

What Does the Program Include?

>> Weekly small group coaching calls where I’ll personally coach you to higher and higher levels of commitment, action and results.  (That’s eight, 60-75 minute coaching calls for you mathematicians out there!)

>> In addition to my personal support, you’ll also get support and accountability from the Vibe Tribe Masters and from your buddy, everyone will have a buddy – yay!  

>> 8 weeks of retraining your brain for success and happiness. Using neuro-plasticity. The science behind rewiring your brain. Each week on the call, I’ll give you cutting edge tools for you to work with throughout the week – like a brain bootcamp!

Remember this program is limited to 15 people so you can count on receiving individual attention on each call if you want it.  I project that in these 8 weeks you’ll accomplish more than what most people do in 6 months – because let’s face it MOST people don’t do much with their lives, because they are trying to get ready! BUT, YOU are not “most people.”

But Wait There’s More…

In addition to the 8 weeks of Accountability, productivity and prosperity. Taking action and following through so you GET whatever IT is that is important to you.

AND – Weekly vibe tune up emails – these will have all kinds of extra goodies like guided visualization and meditations and extra teachings that are not found in any other program!

AND – We will have a private and top secret Facebook group where I’ll be everyday to answer questions, make comments and most of all we will all celebrate and support each other.

AND – How about some Bonuses?!  Yep. There are bonuses too.

Bonus 1: A 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with me. You can schedule that call as soon as we receive your first payment after your application has been approved. Value: $150.00 – Free.

Bonus 2: Your very own digital copy of two of my most popular programs: 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes book and Awesome Amazing Fun and Fantastic perfect for when you need that vibrational boost! Value: $97.00 – Free

Bonus 3: Your very own vision book, specifically created for you, by you. I will give you everything you need. Looking at this everyday will radically bring about the changes you desire. Value: $150 – Free.

This program is only for those…

…who are ready to put all their excuses in the trash and make a commitment to becoming deliberate creators activating a new vibration of attraction! Space is limited and when those spaces are gone, they are gone. This program sells out every time I offer it! TOTAL investment for Vibe Tribe Masters is only $497! After your application fee is deducted, you can choose to pay the $464 balance as a one-time payment, or in 3 payments of just $154.67 per month.

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Here’s What You Need To Do Now:

Click the Apply Now button below to fill out the short 5-question application and submit your $33 application fee.  Fill it out right away, and if you’re accepted, I’ll personally email you and let you know. If the program fills up – OR you change your mind OR you don’t get in this time, I’ll issue you a quick refund. You won’t need to ask for your refund – we’ll just make it happen.

Vibe Tribe Masters Is Going To Totally Rock!

If you’re already in my Vibe Tribe, Vibe Tribe Masters is the super charged next level. Are you ready to become a Master?

*It’s a NO BRAINER!! Vibe Tribe Masters will sell out and fast. So take action now.  Click the APPLY NOW button, submit your no-risk, fully refundable, application fee, and let’s get started activating your new life today!


=>> Starting September 12th, 8 weeks of Accountability, Productivity and Prosperity.

Tuesday at 5:00pm PST  (6:00pm MST – 7:00pm CST – 8:00pm EST) All calls are LIVE and recorded.