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My entire life can be summed up in one sentence. “It did NOT go accordingly to plan.”

Maybe you can relate? And that’s okay, because I have created one of the best workshops for conscious creators, life coaches, and anybody who believes thoughts become things.

Hi I’m Andy Dooley… co-founder of TUT.COM and the creator of Vibration Activation™. For the past 5 years I have been speaking, coaching and touring the world teaching VIBRATION ACTIVATION™. I have helped over 10,000 conscious creators and life coaches transform their lives with my workshops, books and audio programs.

Here are just a few but very important topics I’ll be covering at my workshop. One of the things that stops all of us from moving forward with our dreams is that negative voice in our head that says… you’re not smart enough, you’re too old, you don’t have the proper degree, it’s not going to workout for you.


Let’s be honest. You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind. How often during the day, do you find yourself being your own worst enemy? Criticizing and judging yourself and nothing is ever good enough. Been there, done that! I will show you how to silence that negative VOICE of doubt and fear. So you can activate your full potential, help those around you and send positive ripples out into the world.

Plus, you’ll learn exactly how to override your subconscious limiting beliefs that keep sabotage all your efforts. Another thing that destroy are dreams before they even get off the ground is… procrastination.

Are you procrastinating on something right now? I used to be the worst! If you tend to procrastinate, you’re going to love my 5 step process for crushing procrastination, and getting YOU into alignment and action. Do you have negative people in your life who are killing your positive vibe? There is nothing worse than living with or working with negative people. I’ll give you 3 powerful tools that will turn their negative into your positive.


Do you meditate everyday? If you’re like most people you’re a bad meditator, I used to be a bad meditator. I’m going to give you a mediation and a visualize technique that you’ll want to do everyday for the rest of your life.

Plus, I am going to give you the 3 core steps of Vibration Activation™ that are easy to use and implement into your life, that have already helped thousands of people transform their lives. This workshop is really a life changer but don’t take my word for it. Watch either video and listen to what other people are saying.

If you’re still reading, then I know I have peaked your interest and I bet you’re ready to make some changes in your life. Like more money, more energy or TIME to do what you want. Maybe start a new career or business. OR find that special loved one.

I mean sometimes your just ready and… there’s no denying that feeling. You’re just ready to let go of what’s not working. Stop the negative thinking, ready to end the self sabotage and procrastination. You’re just ready to stop playing small and get outside your comfort zone, where everything you want is waiting for you.


I’ll give you the step-by-step process and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. To often in life we look at the cost of doing something rather then the cost of NOT doing something. If you miss out on this workshop now odds are you’ll regret it later. Imagine 1 year from now you’re still stuck in the same place, doing the same thing. NO NO NO! That’s not going to be you! The truth is you have been asking and believing, now it’s time for YOU to start receiving. Can I get a Namaste.

This workshop is NOT to be missed. Save your seat today because there’s limited seating and this workshop will sell out! If you are ready to activate your full potential, help those around you and send positive ripples out into the world. Then scroll down and click the big yellow button below and I’ll see you there. WooHoo!

2018 World Tour Locations & Dates


June 23rd
Boston, MA
10am- 5pm
Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center
1657 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701

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July 14th
Las Vegas, NV
10am- 5pm
DoubleTree by Hilton Las Vegas Airport
7250 Pollock Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Yep, that is all you pay. $97. There’s no missing “1” before the “9”. It’s NOT $197, it’s $97. My business coach is freaking out and try to knock some sense into me about the price.

You’re probably wondering, “Why the heck would anyone offer such valuable information at such a low price?” I hear you. I’m pricing Vibration Activation at $97 because I want to see you activate your full potential, help those around you and send positive ripples out into the world. This is my way of working with you. Of creating massive positive transformation.

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee you’ll love Vibration Activation™ or your money back.

Please Note: There is limiting seating and this workshop will sell out!

Workshop Hours: 10am – 5pm. Lunch is from 1-2pm on your own.

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By The End of This Fun, Interactive Vibration Activation™ Jam Session you WILL…


  • Learn what you are unconsciously doing with your vibration that is keeping you stuck.
  • The three basic, easy steps to accelerate major life change.  Make sure you ARE ready.
  • The ultimate formula to manifesting anything you want.  Once you put it into play, it will become easier and more natural until you become a master!
  • How to deal with the negative people in your life.
  • How to eliminate your old subconscious programming to rewrite a new life story.
  • Why visualization and meditation are so and important and how to do it so it brings results FAST!



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