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Inspired by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks!

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Hi, I'm Andy Dooley, and I wrote this book for both of us to have a deeper understanding of The Five Steps Of Deliberate Creating.

The teachings of Abraham-Hicks have radically improved every area of my life. And I want to share the best techniques you can use for getting in the Vortex and getting your goodies out.

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What Other People Are Saying

“I have to tell you for the first time I really, really understand the Law of Attraction. It’s so easy after reading your book.” ~ Regina Kocovic

“I'm a big Abraham-Hicks fan too but never saw the details you have gleamed from her writings and sayings. Wow. Well done. BRAVO. BRAVISSIMO! ~ Julian A.

What You Will Learn

  • Manifesting Faster
  • Steps 1-5 Simplified
  • How To Get Unstuck
  • Getting Your Goodies of Out of The Vortex
  • The Purpose Of Your Life
  • How To Use The Law Of Allowing
  • Why 68 Seconds Is Important To Manifesting
  • The Transition Story To Your Big Dreams
  • How To Use Contrast To Your Advantage

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Rave Reviews 

“One of the BEST books I've ever read about the Law of Attraction!" ~ Nicola Burns

"I love the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and Andy's free book takes the mystery out of manifesting" ~Yvette Cavanagh

“Thanks for the book. I loved it. Easy to read, very colorful, and easy to understand for beginners. Gracious and funny too, so no time to get bored.”  ~ Silvia

“If you are unclear about the process of how to manifest, or are having difficulties, this free book really clarifies things!” ~ Deborah Boyd

"A very nice book and I absolutely love the colors! I have been a student of Abraham almost since their beginning! I used to go to their get-togethers in people's homes in Dallas in the beginning. That was before they got so huge!"
~ Jayne A.

How Any Deliberate Creator Can Manifest Faster In As Little As 30 Days!

Inspired by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks!