The Story Manifesting Method

Most people experience the Law of Attraction as the law of no satisfaction, so I created STORY MANIFESTING which gives you a  proven process for becoming the hero of your journey, so you can manifest your dreams faster and live happily ever after.

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Andy Dooley

Andy is a YouTuber, comedian, story manifesting coach, author, speaker, artist, world traveler, and loves combining metaphysics and storytelling. His mission is to show people how to activate their full potential and become the hero of their journey from the inside out.

Since 2012 Andy has been coaching clients and giving workshops around the world on the art and science of manifesting your dreams, based on his program called Vibration Activation™.

After years of research and development, Andy created the Story Manifesting Method, which incorporates metaphysics, neuroscience, meditation, visualization and a strategy for manifesting any dream.


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