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This Is How You Will Transform Your Point Of Attraction

Living With Purpose

Tuning into your heart, and getting clear on what makes you happy. Let me guide you towards a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Mastering Your Emotions

Let me teach you how to master your emotions, therefore mastering your manifestations.

Divorcing Your Limiting Beliefs

Transform your doubts and fears into inspiration. No more worry, distractions, or doubts. Liberate yourself and live from the heart.

What Is Manifesting From The Heart 💖 Community?

We are Deliberate Creators who believe that Manifesting From The Heart is where it's at.

We believe that everyone is the creator of their life and with the right mindset anything is possible.

We believe that being happy is a choice and is our number 1 priority.

We consciously apply the Law of Attraction and take inspired action.

The community is about encouraging one another to believe in our dreams, while deleting our limiting beliefs and stories that hold us back.


Every Wednesday evening Andy will broadcast LIVE at 5pm Mountain time for 60 minutes. All calls are recorded and put into your library.

  • You will divorce your limiting beliefs using the Belief Matrix
  • Receive manifesting tips, tools, and techniques
  • Instant access to ALL past live call recordings
  • Free access to Vibration Activation audio program
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to embody and live these teachings
  • How to change your Point Of Attraction
  • Guided visualizations on every call (A community favorite)
  • New affirmations for shifting your point of attraction
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets and exercises
  • Private members Facebook Group - where you get your questions answered by Andy and the community
  • Bonus videos and audio recordings for aligning with your desires.
  • Andy Dooley original art to use as screen saver art for your phone, tablet or computer.
Yes! I'm ready to thrive!

*Important Info

To make this super easy for you, your first month is only $11 - the cost of lunch! Yummy. After that it's $27 a month. You will receive an email 9 days and 5 days before you will be charged $27.

You can cancel anytime by emailing us or logging into your account, and we'll stop all future charges. It's that easy.

Calls are every Wednesday evening: We use Zoom and you will receive and email the day of the call with log in credentials.

Call times: 4pm PT. 5pm MT. 6pm CT. 7pm ET.

Calls are recorded and available to watch later. Recordings will be put into your online LIBRARY. Reminder emails will be sent out the day of the calls.

Your future self thanks you in advance :-)

Who is Andy Dooley?

International mindset/ breakthrough coach. Best-Selling author and Law of Attraction Expert. Co-founder of TUT.COM and creator of Vibration Activation™, Story Manifesting, and Manifesting From The Heart.

Andy has worked with private clients all over the world for almost a decade, and works closely with his brother, Mike Dooley at Infinite Possibilities Train The Trainer conference. Where over 2,000 people have become certified trainers in the past 7 years.

I am personally committed to providing an incredible experience that creates a powerful transformation in your life.

If you are not completely blown away by the content and experience joining Manifesting From The Heart, simply send an email to [email protected] and we will stop all future charges!

Yes, I'm Ready to Rock

These are the Founding Members who were the first to experience Manifesting From The Heart!

Listen to what they have to say :-)


Christy Church

"I've reconnected to my passion, and purpose! I have the tools now to smash the limiting beliefs, and easy ways to step back into the vortex. I know who my future self is, and I am stepping into my power."

Christopher Robin Baker

“The weekly calls are awesome and I love the community! I'm happier and manifesting faster! I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Brenda Trott

"I was feeling stuck when it came to my business. I made more progress in my business in 2 weeks than I had in the past 2 years. Hearing the progress and manifestations from others in the group helped keep the positive momentum going!"

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You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Listen to your heart!

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