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It’s all about you!

I want you to use me, let me be your connection to Source energy when you get unplugged. I want you to laugh your way to enlightenment. My mission is to show you how to ROCK your vibration and to laugh your way to enlightenment! Let’s be great friends and run together with scissors – naked!!

Ready to get started? This site is filled with fantastic FREE stuff – crazy videos, lively poetry, colorful art – all created to help you reconnect to Source energy when you’re feeling low and activate your vibration even higher when you are feeling good!

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Live Workshops

Are you looking to see Andy live and in person? Attend one of his fun, high-energy Vibration Activation Live workshops! Be sure to check and see when he’ll be stopping by your town!

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Andy’s Vibe Tribe

For Conscious Creators That Want to Have Fun and Live with Purpose and Passion. Weekly Inspiration and Coaching from Andy Dooley and an amazing tribe of deliberate creators!

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Awesome Products

Get your Vibration Activation ON! Andy’s awesome and inspirational products will help you get your vibration activated! Fun DVDs, Books, many also available as Digital downloads.

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Cool Artwork

Check out Andy’s Inspirational ART! World famous prints are now available for your home, office or kids room. The next best thing to a Picasso (and will be worth millions one day!).

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I am a Law of Attraction expert, Vibration Activation™ coach and spiritual comedian. Lets sum it up, I am a metaphysical alchemist of vibration. I create positive transformation.

These are all vehicles that enable me to serve you and deliver a fun, uplifting message to those who are ready to hear it and live it!

Believe it or not you are the only one slowing things down for you because you keep fighting the present moment.

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