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Can you do this?

One of the things we ALL suffer from is being easily DISTRACTED and impatient. Can you say Shining Object Syndrome? Our focus is all over the place; hold on a second; I just got a text message! Just kidding! LOL

It's now more important than ever to consistently HOLD a steady focus/ feeling. Why? Because how you consistently FEEL is how you attract everything into your life!

YOUR FOCUS AND FEELING is a BIG DEAL and very IMPORTANT to attracting more of what you DO want!

Lately, we have been flexing our FOCUS muscles in the Manifestor's cafe to hold a positive thought/ feeling for 68 seconds! AKA "Spiritual Technology" leading-edge manifestation exercises.

Thanks to Abraham Hicks for teaching us that 68 seconds is all it takes to change your Point of Attraction. But you have to do it consistently. And it's more challenging than you think.

WHY are we flexing? One of the most important skills you can develop as a Deliberate Creator is the ability to hold a positive focus for at least 68 seconds on what you desire OR on anything that feels good! That amount of time changes your POINT OF ATTRACTION. YAY!

The better you get at CONSISTENTLY feeling good, feeling SAG! Satisfied, Appreciative, and Grateful the better everything goes for you!

Please answer these three simple questions.
What are you feeling satisfied about?
What are you appreciating right now?
What are you grateful for?

It's time to start being a Deliberate Creator, a deliberate thinker/ focuser. It's one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills you can develop if you are going to be a Deliberate Creator. Start being more deliberate and watch how fast the Universe responds to your new Point of Attraction.

WHAT IF... this week you committed to FEELING better about everything? WHAT IF.. you started feeling better about yourself?

Give yourself A LOT of credit for being human. You are doing great! You DESERVE to feel good before everything is perfect in your life. LOL

Here are several THOUGHTS that feel good when you read them! Set the timer on your smartphone for 68 seconds.

I enjoy being human.
I enjoy feeling ALL the emotions.
I love knowing I am God pretending to be human!
I love knowing that I am dreaming my life into existence.


I'm doing great.

I'm right where I need to be.
I'm on the path to everything I desire!
I'm basking in satisfaction like a cat in a sunbeam, appreciating and grateful.

I can talk myself into a better feeling on ANY subject!
I love knowing my higher self is always guiding me <3

Read these thoughts
 slowly and FEEL the emotions that GO with them! Do it for the fun of it! For the FEELING of it!

Every week in the Manifestor's Cafe, we do leading-edge manifestation exercises to get back into alignment and MASTER your STATE OF BEING! Remember that we are not victims but CREATORS of reality.

Your money, health, relationships, and career are ALL temporary and constantly changing. For most people, their circumstances are getting worse! Don't be MOST PEOPLE! Be a Deliberate Creator!

If you're looking for a community of Deliberate Creators who practice the art of deliberate creation and use various techniques to get back into alignment, thrive in life, and FEEL ALIVE, check out the Manifestor's Cafe, where we meet every Wednesday. Your cosmic destiny awaits!

To being deliberate, Andy

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