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NEW Guided Visualization/ Meditation.

Andy Dooley
NEW Guided Visualization/ Meditation.

Listen to this to change your point of attraction and FEEL A LOT better about yourself and your situation. The last 2 minutes are SUPER-CHARGED with good vibes!

This is a recording from The...

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Visualize a beautiful light... 33 seconds of bliss

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Allowing your desires to flow

Let it flow!
You're beautiful and divine
It's all happening in real time
Allowing your desires is the key
Give it a try and see

Here's another super-charged visualization that will allow...

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Guided Visualization for self belief

Do you believe in your self!?

Belief is a powerful thing. If you don't believe it you won't achieve it.

"One of the best composed visualizations I've ever heard!" ~Mozart

"I listen to Andy...

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