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My favorite affirmation in 60-Seconds. Give it a try


I learned this affirmation from Florence Scovel Shinn. Author of the Game Of Life And How To Play It!

I now expect the unexpected, my amazing good fortune now comes to pass. I like to say, now...

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A powerful affirmation to manifest faster


I want it. I feel it. I know it's on the way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here's the breakdown of why this works.


We all want something. Wanting is...

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Why positive affirmations can backfire on you, do this instead.

In 2020, Captain, I worked with a client who finally admitted she was stuck when it came to manifesting money and romance.

Money and romance cause a lot of pain for people, and I love...

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The Best Affirmation For Having It All


I am believing it, knowing it and FEELING IT! And allowing it to happen!

Say this until you FEEL a shift in your vibe.

Have a happy day!


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Try this new affirmation and watch how fast you start manifesting


This is one of my favorite affirmations for getting in-synch with your desires and manifesting fast!

I have manifested new clients, friends, money, and adventure by using this...

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