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Surprise you are the creator of your life!

Surprise, you are the creator of your life!

But, you already knew that!

The question you're asking is, how do I create more of what I want and less of what I don't? I got your answer.


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Come on, tell a better story, will ya!

I wrote you a new story!

Tell me what you think.

Unfortunately, as we get older, our story becomes less about living the life of our dreams and more about accepting things as they are and settling...

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How to release your fear of success or failure










Get your booty in gear.

All your power is here.

Unless you let your FEARS get in the way.

How do you overcome your fears and...

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Life‘s a bitch, or life’s a beach.










Life‘s a bitch, or life’s a beach.

You get to decide.

What if… It could be easy?

What if… It could be fun?

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Get out of your head

You. Are. Magic!

You perform miracles every day, turning the invisible into the visible.

Every breath you take is an opportunity to experience your magic.

Q. Ever get stuck in your head...

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Do this if you want your life to take off!

Don’t wait for anybody or anything.

If you want your life to TAKE OFF, then you have to start FEELING like your life is taking off.

Two emotions that will give you wings to fly are...

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