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Know it. Live it. Wear it!

Manifest faster and have more fun being a Deliberate Creator.

I love designing! Whether it's for t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, etc.

It's so cool we live in a world where you can...

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Let Go of where we thought we would be - and embrace where you now are

It can be hard to embrace where you are because it's not where you thought you would be. We've all had big dreams that have not manifested, myself included.

I'm still visualizing Jennifer...

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A powerful affirmation to manifest faster


I want it. I feel it. I know it's on the way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here's the breakdown of why this works.


We all want something. Wanting is...

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All I see is LOVE

When I look at you all I see is love.

Love is the answer.

Love is who you are.

Let your love guide you like a star!

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You are beautiful through and through

andy dooley art Sep 09, 2020

It's ALL about how you are FEELING right now!

If you can let the feeling of what you desire fill you up, your desire will be quick to manifest.

The feeling is first, the manifestation is second.


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Light up the world by living from the heart

Light up the world
By living from the heart
Step into your creative love
Discover your lies and truth
Your heart is calling you
Let go of your limitations
Every desire has been answered



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I want it. I feel it. I know it's coming. Thank you!

Happy birthday to me and a new mantra for you

This simple mantra I came up with enables me to relax and receive.

I want it. This means I have something that lights me up. A desire within me to...

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Are you focused, flowing and feeling it?

Are you focused?

Are you flowing?

Are you feeling it?

Three simple things you can do right now to attract what you want.

First, decide what you want. And remember you’re always after the...

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If you're not changing it, you're choosing it!

The truth will set you free.

Too often we play the victim to our bad habits and feel helpless. But the truth is if you’re not changing it, you are choosing it.

If you keep doing the same...

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