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Funny infomercial! How to stop negative thinking :-)


Have you heard of A.N.T.S.? Automatic. Negative. Thinking. Syndrome. Dr. Daniel G. Amen, created the acronym.

Here's another funny infomercial. WARNING! I drop the F-bomb.


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The Fast & Funny Way To Find Your Purpose In Life!


Are you living your life on purpose or by accident?

Have you found your purpose?

This funny, 60-second video will instantly give you the power to find your purpose today!

*Hint: Your purpose in...

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Funny! Manifesting Your Soulmate


Do you believe in soulmates? Have you manifested yours?

Here's my funny new video on how to NOT manifest your soulmate.
Email me back I love reading your comments :-)

It's really a...

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