Funny video! Warning I drop the F' bomb.


If you don't like the F' word, please don't watch this video. It's another funny parody on info commercials. Have you ever struggled with the Law of Attraction? If so, I think you'll find it funny? Leave a comment :-)

THANK YOU for the all the condolences for my Dad.

Let me be the first to say I'm not promoting spiritual bypass with this video. I'm not saying affirmations or shadow work are unnecessary.

What I am saying is we often take our spiritual growth too seriously. We try too hard to get it right. Which often times keeps us stuck!

I'm speaking from my own experience of being too serious.

If we knew that we are all manifestations of Source energy. Then, we could step into our divinity and permit ourselves to start having more fun and be happy now.

Abraham-Hicks says it all the time, "You can't get it wrong because you'll never get it done!" So, let's lighten up on ourselves and be F'ing happy!

Manifesting our desires and being happy is much easier than we allow ourselves to believe.

I love doing belief/ shadow work with my clients and members of my community. I love coming up with new affirmations and visualizations.

We need tools to clear out the limiting beliefs we hold to be true. We need new affirmations that get us FEELING happy so we can attract what we desire. We need to laugh at ourselves.

Being happy for no reason is easier said than done. That's why the personal development and the coaching business is a billion-dollar industry.

You have to find the tools/ techniques/ coaches and online courses that bring you happiness and relief. But be aware of trying to hard and not having fun on the journey.

My intention with this video is to make you laugh. Bring you relief from trying so hard. Bashar says, "the fastest way to enlightenment is to lighten up."

I do realize the F word might trigger you! If it does, there's a gift waiting for you on the other side. On the other side of anything that upsets you or offends you is a gift.

Think of the most enlightened, spiritually advanced person you know. Would they be offended by a word? If they were, I bet that they would laugh, learn the lesson, and return to a state of enlightenment within less than a minute.

Watch this 60-second video now!

With love,



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