Unfulfilled desires, UGH!

Do you appreciate your unfulfilled desires?

For most people, the answer is NO! It's annoying and frustrating. Where's my lover, money, exciting career, and world travel?

Everything you and I want or need already exists. And when we appreciate what we already have, we attract our desires effortlessly.

Your desires are on a different channel. That's why you are not experiencing them right now. You are on the wrong damn channel.

How did you get on the wrong channel? By criticizing yourself, judging yourself, and comparing yourself. We all do it, myself included.

The bottom line, you do not appreciate your unfulfilled desires. And that puts you on a different channel then your desires.

In my new online course Manifesting From the Heart, I've been using the metaphor that everything you want is on channel 21. Therefore if you're going to receive everything you have been asking for, you have to tune into channel 21. 

Like an old fashion radio, you can't hear Pop music if you're listening to talk radio.

The fastest way to manifest anything is to get rid of the negative emotions holding you back, which come from your limiting beliefs. That's where my new Belief Matrix shows you how to uncover your limiting beliefs, holding you back so that you can get on channel 21.

Channel 21 feels good, easy, and fun. You are happy and free. You don't need anything outside of yourself to make you happy.

That's when you manifest your desires super-fast by not needing them to manifest. You know that being happy is the prize, not the manifestation.

When you start appreciating your unfulfilled desires, you will start feeling better, and when you feel better, you will manifest faster. Simple.

In September, I'll be offering my new program again, which shows you how to divorce your limiting beliefs and create your future self.

In the meantime, get happy first, and you will manifest your dreams faster than you thought possible.

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