Your Angels Have A Message For You!

I've got 3 new designs for you this holiday season!

Have you been seeing repeating numbers but not sure of their meaning?

My new coffee mug designs will make you a pro. Use this new mug to discern what your angels or the Universe are telling you.

There is a special message behind each sequence. Keep in mind that you and the Universe/ Angels will develop your meanings together over time.

Trust your intuition when seeing each sequence. Know that you are always loved and guided.

111 - INTUITION. Trust Yourself And Listen To Your Heart! You're On The Right Path!

222 ALIGNMENT. Everything Is Working Out For You! Focus On What You Do Want!

333 SUPPORT. Your Spirit Guides & Angels Are With You! Tune Into Their Guidance and Support!

444 - PROTECTION. You Are Never Alone. You Are Safe. Keep Your Thoughts Positive.

555 - CHANGE. Big Changes Are Happening. Be Open Minded & Flexible. Let Go Of The Old. Embrace The New!

666 REFLECT. Take Time To Revaluate What's Happening In Your Life. Who Are You Becoming & Where Are You Going?

777 - PROSPERITY. You Are In Alignment For Manifesting Good Fortune, Happiness and Abundance.

888 - BALANCE. You Are In Harmony With Your Heart, Mind & Soul. Prosperity Is On The Way!

999 - RELEASE. You Have Reached The End Of A Cycle. It's Time For New Beginnings!

1111 SYNCHRONICITY. You’re A Master Manifestor. You're In Alignment With Your Higher-Self. U ROCK!

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