Are you embracing this part of your journey?

As I began my journey as a professional speaker and storyteller, I was far from good at it. In 2004 I joined Toastmasters, two clubs, and spoke twice weekly.

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I also did improv comedy at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, where I struggled to find my voice and be funny. Many great improvisers and actors surrounded me at SAK, inspiring me to improve.

I entered every speech contest at Toastmasters. I did three one-man shows at the Orlando Fringe Festival, fully aware that it would help me improve faster. Despite my initial struggles, I knew that the more stage time I got, the better I would become.

Along the way, I confronted many limiting beliefs that I wasn't good enough, smart enough, or funny enough. I had a lot to learn, and the more I spoke at Toastmasters or performed improv comedy, the better I would become. After four years of Toastmasters, I won both the humorous speech contest and the international speech contest at the District level.

While winning was undoubtedly a highlight, the real prize for me was the person I became. I became a better leader, thinker, coach, writer, and artist. I had grown significantly from when I first started on this journey to where I am now. Start every journey Knowing that it’s already yours!

Learning to embrace the journey of "becoming" has been an important lesson for me. We often focus so much on the destination and wanting to be there "now" that we overlook the journey of becoming. Through the process of failing forward, we find the gifts and manifest opportunities.

If you're working towards a big goal or dream, embrace the journey of becoming and learning. Embrace the challenges and obstacles along the way because they always turn into gifts when you look for them.

Remember, you are worthy of your wildest dreams. Put in the hours, look for the gifts, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with people who will encourage and inspire you.

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Start believing YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Say this simple affirmation.
I believe, and I am ready to receive.
I believe, and I am ready to receive.
I believe, and I am ready to receive.

Remember, everything is always working out for you and you are a badass mf sorceress of light!

I love you SOul much,

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