Are you focused, flowing and feeling it?

Are you focused?

Are you flowing?

Are you feeling it?

Three simple things you can do right now to attract what you want.

First, decide what you want. And remember you’re always after the feeling you think your desire will give you.

For example, if you want $100,000, the reason you want the money is because of the freedom and security and relief the money will bring.

Second, are you flowing positive energy or negative energy? That depends what you’re focusing on and whether you’re in alignment with Source. Or are you fighting with your reality?

As soon as you let go of the fight you’ll get back into the flow. You might need to make peace with yourself, somebody or something. Let go of the fight you’ll get back into the flow, yo!

Third, if you can start feeling it consistently the universe has to reveal it. Allow yourself to start feeling good about your situation. And then your situation can get better.  The feeling always comes first and the manifestation is second. Don’t let reality kick your ass to the curb.

Everything in your life is temporary even the most severe health condition. You can change anything by changing your focus, thoughts, and feelings. Stop focusing on what is and start focusing on what is becoming.

That’s right! I’m focusing on what I want.

That’s right! I’m getting into the flow.

That’s right! I’m focusing on possibilities.

That’s right! I’m feeling optimistic.

That’s right! I’m focusing and flowing good vibes.

That’s right! I’m feeling connected to my heart and soul.

That’s right! I’m feeling it first and the manifestation is going to be second.

That’s right! The feeling is the prize, not the manifestation.

That’s right! I love being a deliberate creator.

Your turn. Comment below with 3 to 6 of your own that’s right sentences to focus and flow your energy.

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