What do chocolate and dreams have in common?

I'm writing this with one purpose: To inspire you to BELIEVE in your wildest dreams! The world we live in today proves to us the impossible - is possible. (See the 7 beliefs below)

In the past 50 years, we have gone from hand-written letters to instant email. From rotary dialed phones to smartphones. From watching television to TiVo, YouTube and Tik-Tok.

All of this because someone BELIEVED it was possible. I want to see you make your wildest dreams a reality B!

Now it's your turn to BELIEVE in your wildest dreams! If you have a wild and crazy dream, the Universe can manifest it into your life. Nothing is off-limits if you can believe more than you doubt.

Do you believe in chocolate? Yes.
Do you believe in ice cream? Of course.
Do you believe in your wildest dreams coming true?

You've got to BELIEVE your dreams into reality! You can't DOUBT your dreams into reality.

Notice how chocolate is abundant all over the world! WHY? Because we believe in chocolate. What would happen if we started doubting chocolate? It would become hard to find. Rare.

One of the tools I use in my Manifestor's Cafe is the Belief Matrix. It starts with you identifying what negative emotion is showing up again and again! And by asking the right questions, you can discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

Here are 7 beliefs that will help you BELIEVE!

1- If you can dream the dream, the Universe will make it happen.

2- When you ask, it is always given. Definitely believe in that!

3- Start embodying "the feeling" your dream will give you, feeling first, manifestation second.

4- It's okay to have bad days. We all do. Tomorrow is a new day!

5- You are not alone. Call upon your spirit guides, angels, and alien friends to guide you.

6- Being happy is the prize, not the manifestation.

7- Don't try to make it happen. Consistently create "the feeling" and watch it happen for you.

Soon I'll be opening up the Manifestor's Cafe so you can join the manifestation party each week and start manifesting your wildest dreams!

Until then, start believing more than you doubt. Hold the vision and vibration of your wildest dreams coming true. Celebrate and appreciate the journey.

I believe in your wildest dreams,


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