This works every time

Every time I face a difficult situation, I have to remind myself there is always a gift. When I look for a gift, I always find it!

I'm writing this today because I know someone needs to hear this or share this with someone you care about.

Whatever difficult situation you are facing right now, I'm sorry you're going through this, and there is a gift waiting for you.

Most people fail to see the solution because they focus on the problem or blame others.

I know you want the 'situation' to change so you can feel better. It makes sense, but you have to change how you think and feel about the situation, and then you will attract solutions and opportunities.

Don't just read this. Give this a try and watch how fast you can attract a solution or find the opportunity.

Here's a simple tool you can use that I shared this past weekend at the Angel Magick workshop in Massachusetts that everyone loved!

This is a tool we also use inside the Manifestor's Cafe. It's called Best Case-Scenario. It's potent because both the worst-case and best-case scenarios exist as probable realities. You determine which one you will experience based on your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

You are always in the driver's seat unless you give your power away!

Most people focus on the worst-case scenario and, as a result, play the victim in their story. And ironically, that's what they manifest, the worst-case scenario. Because what you focus on, you will feel and how you feel consistently is how you attract.

What difficult situation are you facing right now? What would be the best-case scenario, and how would that make you feel?

Take a few deep breaths, drop into your heart, and IMAGINE the best-case scenario playing out. Imagine a few different best-case scenarios. I highly recommend writing these down in your journal.

Every week inside the Manifestor's cafe, we do exercises like this to change our point of attraction.

Please, give yourself this gift! Stop playing the victim, start being the Deliberate creator of your life, and watch how fast you transform the difficult situation.

Let yourself receive guidance from your Angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

Remember, you have to ASK for support and guidance. Ask, and it is given.

Trust yourself and trust your angels. They are real! Your Angels are ready to give you a new perspective or a hunch in the direction you need to go.

Accept that it's happening. Once you accept it, you can transform it! Often, you have to make peace with the difficult situation first. Then you can manifest the solution, gift, or opportunity!

Don't you feel better just reading this? Or maybe you are fighting these words and ideas? If you're resisting a solution, what benefit do you gain by staying in a difficult situation and making yourself miserable?

Ask yourself this? It doesn't feel safe to find a solution because?

Sometimes we enjoy playing the victim. It does not feel safe to change. And that's okay. When you are ready for your situation to change, you have some powerful tools right here.

Thanks for reading this, and please email me back your best-case scenario. I'll add my energy and visualize it working out for you!

Remember, your situation can't get any better until you feel better about your situation.

Have a magical day, Andy


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