Contacting the Afterlife. I wrote this for a friend.

I just wrote this for a friend and believed it might be helpful for anyone else who has lost a loved one.

QUESTION: My dear and beautiful mother recently passed away, and I miss her like crazy even though I still feel her presence. Is there a way to communicate with her, and if so, how?

ANSWER. HOW: Light a candle, drop in, and become still and quiet. Focus on your breathing, slowing inhaling and exhaling. 5 in, 5 out. Do this for at least 2 minutes. Focus on your heart!

Looking at the candle, think of her. Visualize her smiling face. Say her name softly and lovingly. Put yourself in a good positive state to reach her. Do not think of her as she was before she left. See her in her glory, radiating love and light! See her as an angel. She is now vibrating pure love. She has returned to Source.

Raise your vibe to meet her. Let go of missing her and shift into celebrating her life. This is a must if you want to connect. Say her name and feel her love and light all around you! Be in this for 3-5 minutes. Play some beautiful music?

Do not let yourself become sad at this time. Sadness is a lower vibration. It's okay to feel sadness but not while trying to connect and receive. You can not connect or experience what you are not a vibrational match to.

Stay focused on her glory, love, and light! See and feel her beauty and love. Keep yourself in the highest vibration possible. Celebrate her life and love.

Be positive, ask her to show you a sign, and whisper into your ear. You might receive a feeling, thought, or sensation. Trust that it's happening.

Make sure to stay in a positive headspace after your experience. Regular meditation can help you maintain a high vibration, so if you're not already meditating, make it a daily habit and stick to it! You'll be thankful you did!

Remember, she is not dead. She is alive and well. Her body stopped working, but her soul is alive and eternal. Connect to her soul!

Right now, both of you are in spirit. She has returned fully to spirit while you are still here dreaming that you are human. You are both in spirit right now. The real you never left spirit! You are dreaming.

She has moved on, but she is with you in spirit now and forever! 

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My request: an oil painting by Matisse of a person sitting in front of a candle connecting to a loved one.

I recommend looking at the samples of art and descriptions they give you. Then modify the description by changing the subject matter or style of art and see what you get!

I love you SOul much,

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