Facing contrast and challenges? This will help

Contrast and challenges give us wings to fly higher and further. Here’s a powerful metaphor to explain the gift of contrast.

We are creators in time-space reality, just like fish live in an ocean of water. We live in an ocean of contrast. From the contrast of what we don’t want, we gain more clarity on what we want to manifest.

Have you ever had a crappy job, yes? That crappy job created a desire for a better job. Have you ever had bad customer service? That experience created a strong desire to have great customer service.

Contrast is not good or bad. Contrast is the difference between wanted and unwanted. The difference between hot and cold. Abundance and poverty.

When you experience contrast/ challenges, you give birth to new desires. The Universe answers your new desires with a resounding YES, and whatever you ask for is now waiting for you vibrationally.

Our job as Deliberate Creators is to celebrate the contrast you experience daily! No one can escape contrast. Your morning coffee was cold by the time you got to it. That’s contrast. You didn’t sleep well last night. That’s contrast. Your foot hurts. That’s contrast.

Contrast sounds better than calling those things problems. Here are some simple reminders to help you transform contrast into your new desired reality!

>> Contrast is my friend because it creates new possibilities. 
>> All my creative power is here and now.
>> My creative power is in my ability to focus on what I want, and find the gift in the contrast.
>> Contrast can kill my positive vibe, but if I find the gift and tell a better story my life will get better.

Remember, you are the Universe pretending to be human.

>> Put your focus on solutions and opportunities. “Ask yourself, How does this contrast serve me?”
>> Appreciating and celebrating the little things every day is one of the easiest ways to manifest faster.
>> Journaling is one of the best ways to script your dreams into reality.
>> You feel emotions but you are not your emotions. When you feel a strong negative emotion ask yourself, what’s the lie I’m telling myself here?
>> Life is not happening to you, it’s happening through you!

You are a badass MF sorceress of light, and don’t forget, everything is working out for you.

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