Do this if you want your life to take off!

Don’t wait for anybody or anything.

If you want your life to TAKE OFF, then you have to start FEELING like your life is taking off.

Two emotions that will give you wings to fly are SURPRISE and DELIGHT.

Start expecting happy surprises.
Start expecting things to work out.
Start being delighted by the little things, and the big things will start to show up.

Right now, can you feel the SURPRISE and DELIGHT that is waiting for you?

Tune into that feeling now. 😃
Tune into the feeling of being delightfully surprised today. 😃
Tune into the feeling that the Universe is working things out for you. ❤️

The more you can feel SURPRISED and DELIGHTED before your life takes off, the sooner your life will take off. Remember, it's feeling first, manifestation second.

* That's Right! I'm beginning to feel surprise and delight.
* That’s Right! I’m becoming more open to happy surprises.
* That’s Right! Delightful surprises are happening more and more.

* That's Right! I'm allowing happy surprises in my life.
* That’s Right! I am playfully expecting happy surprises.
* That’s Right! I love the feeling of being delighted.

Say this out loud. "Surprise me Universe, and delight me with something today that puts a big smile on my beautiful face. OH YEAH!"

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