You can say I FINALLY GOT IT or I FINALLY GET IT. Which ever one feels best for you and your situation.

I finally get it -
that nothing is more important then being happy. I appreciate where I am and I’m excited about where I am going.

I finally get it - that everything I want is already done. All I have to do is relax, chill out and have fun!

I finally get it - that when I become synchronized with my desires they must manifest in my life. It’s the law. It’s feeling first, manifestation second.

I finally get it - that focus equals feeling and how I feel is how I attract. I love focusing on what I want and telling the story of how my life keeps getting better and better!

I finally get it - that being happy is the prize, not the manifestation.

I finally get it - that when I’m feeling negative emotion it means my Inner being is not joining me in thoughts I’m thinking!

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