For Ippies and TUT fans only

ippies mug tutters mug Nov 09, 2021

"Peace, Love And Coffee!"

Do you love drinking coffee or tea Mona?

I love drinking green tea!

This email is for hard-core TUT fans and Ippies! I was inspired to create these 2 designs after the wild success of the Abraham-Hicks mug!

It's been tooooo long since I have seen my fellow IPPIES or TUTTERS. I can't wait for LIVE events again to give you a 10-minute HUG! LOL

Check out the new IPPIE MUG. Check out the new TUTTERS MUG.

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Words of Inspiration =>> Who you are becoming is more important than who you've been.

Today put your focus on becoming the hero of your movie.
Start thinking and acting like you know what you are doing.
The answers are always inside you.
Let your heart and happiness lead the way!

And of course remember - that Everything Is Always Working Out For You!

Peace, love and happiness,


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